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Feng Shui Tips, Priorities and Feng Shui Plants

By November 22, 2013

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Ancient feng shui masters affirmed that each one of us is born with a certain amount of available energy to be used throughout life. How do you use your energy? And how can feng shui help you replenish it?

Correct breathing is the first way to keep your energy at optimum levels. This is the very basics of the ancient wisdom of yoga. How long are you able to survive without breathing? No more than a minute or two. This is how your body tells you about the real priorities in life.

Number one concern in most homes and businesses I've worked with is the quality of air. It might not sound like a feng shui priority, but do think again.

Numerous studies have shown that indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one, so to go for days and days without opening the windows in your home or your your office is a sign of disrespect to your body and very bad feng shui!

Treat your body respectfully and bring the best quality air to your home and office, be it with top air purifying feng shui plants, air purifiers, essential oil diffusers or with just the good old way of regularly opening the windows to let your space enjoy fresh air.

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