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Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi

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Rodika Tchi is the About.com feng shui expert and consultant with TchiConsulting.com

Rodika Tchi is an experienced feng shui consultant with a full-time feng shui consulting practice TchiConsulting.com in Vancouver, BC Canada.


Rodika has over 15 years international feng shui consulting experience (private residences and commercial properties). She has taught feng shui workshops at the University of British Columbia, as well as Hollyhock, the internationally renowned centre for learning and well-being on Cortes Island, BC.

As a feng shui expert, she was interviewed by The Globe and Mail, The Miami Herald, The Investment Executive, Style at Home, Canadian Living, Vancouver magazine and others. Her media appearances include CBC TV, City TV, HGTV, Global TV, Shaw TV and CFUN 1410.

Rodika also wrote the lyrics (Feng Shui for Your New Home) for the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis at the opening of National Opera Center America.


Rodika studied with several feng shui masters and has professional certification from the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui and Geobiology Institute. In addition, she has training in energy healing and bau-biologie (building biology) and is currently enrolled in the permaculture course (the study of sustainable/self-sufficient/ecological design).

She holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and a Bachelors in Theory of Arts.

By Rodika Tchi:

Homes, just like people, keep evolving. Let your home support you, express who you are, as well as go with you through various changes. The ultimate feng shui test of a home, no matter new or old, big or small, outrageously expensive or not, will be the following: At the end of the day, when you come home, do you feel like it puts its arms around you? I hope your home does.

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