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Feng Shui Cures - About.com
Explore the various feng shui remedies and cures to help you create good energy in your home. If your question about feng shui cures is not answered here , ...
Top 8 Feng Shui Cures - About.com
Top 8 Feng Shui Cures: Use Most Popular Feng Shui Decor Cures in Your Home . By Rodika Tchi · Feng Shui Expert. Share this ...
Find the 2015 Annual Feng Shui Cures - About.com
Find out where to buy the annual feng shui cures for your home or office. From the feng shui salt water cure to wealth vase, Chi Lins and more, we make it easy  ...
How to Place Feng Shui Cures for Best Results - About.com
Feng shui cures can help you attract best quality of feng shui energy when the cures are placed right. What does it mean, though, to place a feng shui cure right ?
2015 Feng Shui Tips for Home and Office - About.com
In 2015, the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on February 19, 2015; it is the feng shui year of the Wood Sheep. The feng shui cures should be in ...
Feng Shui Cures and Directions - About.com
Many feng shui cures have a circular quality of feng shui energy, and they will be placed only according to the bagua elements criteria. Feng shui use of art often ...
Top 8 feng shui cures - Feng Shui Use of Mirrors - About.com
Mirrors are called the aspirin of feng shui; with proper placement, they can dramatically shift the flow of energy in any given space. Mirrors also bring a sense of ...
More 2015 Annual Feng Shui Cures - Where To Buy Them?
Explore 10 more annual 2015 feng shui cures for your home or office and find easy online help to purchase them. In 2015, the annual feng shui cures must be in ...
How To Energize Your Feng Shui Cures - About.com
Learn to activate your feng shui cures - both the annual feng shui cures you are reusing this year, as well as the newly purchased feng shui cures.
How To Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures - About.com
It is important to cleanse and energize your feng shui cures, especially your annual feng shui cures. Here's how to cleanse and energize any feng shui cure.
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