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Colour as Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements - About.com
One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These feng shui elements interact ...
The Feng Shui Five Elements Theory: Element Cycles
While it is very important to understand the Bagua and know how to bring the required feng shui elements for each specific bagua area, be it with colors, shapes ...
What's My Chinese Zodiac Sign and Feng Shui Element?
Find out the animal symbol & element of your birth year. By Rodika Tchi ... Submit . chinese zodiac signs and feng shui elements - Stephanie Dalton Cowan/Getty.
How To Use the Feng Shui Five Elements Theory
In addition to color, you can also bring the energy of five feng shui elements with specific shapes. Find out how the feng shui elements are expressed in basic ...
Wood Feng Shui Personal Element and A Good Feng Shui Home ...
Learn to create a good feng shui home to support and nourish your wood feng shui element. Use smart feng shui tips and feng shui decor products to enjoy a ...
How To Decorate with Feng Shui Elements - About.com
As always, it is best to express the feng shui elements in a subtle way, with visually pleasing and esthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or ...
Metal and Wood Feng Shui Elements - About.com
When you have to create a harmonious feng shui home for the so-called destructive, or challenging feng shui birth elements combination of Metal and Wood, ...
How to Use Feng Shui Colors - About.com
In feng shui, colours are used according to the five elements feng shui theory. For example, blue colour is excellent feng shui in the North, green colour is great ...
Express the Feng Shui Water Element in Your Home or Office
How do you bring a strong presence of the water feng shui element when you need it? As always, it is best to express feng shui elements in a subtle way, with ...
Your Personal Feng Shui Birth Element Chart - KnowFengShui.com
One way to find out the best colors for you – in both home decor, as well as personal clothing and accessories – is to know your personal feng shui element and ...
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