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What Makes a Good Feng Shui House? (Basic Tips)
If you want to create good feng shui in your house, or are looking to buy a house that has good feng shui, there are some simple, basic feng shui guidelines that ...
How To Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home - About.com
Getting started with feng shui for house home can be easy when you start with the feng shui basics and gradually move on to the more complex feng shui levels.
Feng Shui Tips: What To Look for Before Buying a Home
Buying a house can be a fascinating experience, even if at times filled with fear and doubts. Applying feng shui to the process of buying a house is a wise ...
Two Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home - About.com
Feng shui for home is one of the most efficient therapies ever - you work on the house, but what you are actually doing is healing your own life - your past hurt, ...
Create a Harmonious Family Home With Feng Shui
Keeping the Heart of the Home, or Tai Chi point, clean, open and clutter-free at all times is a must for a healthy and harmonious home.
How To Feng Shui Your Home: Room by Room Feng Shui Tips
Are you looking for easy tips to feng shui your bedroom? Or is it your ... ALL the feng shui tips you need for ALL areas of your home. Are you looking for easy tips  ...
Top 10 Feng Shui House Magnets for Conflict - About.com
Bad feng shui in a house can easily create negative energy that can express itself in family arguments, poor health, constant stress and a myriad of other ...
Create a Harmonious Feng Shui Home for Different Birth Elements
How can I create good feng shui in my home when all my family members have different feng shui birth elements? It must be easy when everyone in the family is  ...
Feng Shui of a Bathroom in the Center of the Home - What To Do ...
Feng shui-wise, the center of your house is also considered the area from which all the other guas (or feng shui areas) receive energy from. Thus, having a ...
What Numbers Have Good Feng Shui for a Home?
An experienced feng shui consultant can read specific feng shui energy patterns from your house number combination. However, this is not about it being good ...
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