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Feng Shui House Decor Colors: Yellow and Gold


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Gold in the Bedroom
Feng Shui House Decor Colors: Yellow and Gold
Photo: (c) Coco Kelley
Splashes of gold or yellow are much welcomed in a good feng shui bedroom. Both colours are the expression of the Fire feng shui element that is often missing in many bedrooms. The right use of these colours will bring a vibrant, warm, but also gentle energy much needed in this intimate and very important space.

Notice how the gold of the art frames is balanced by the warm yellow colour in the beautiful chandelier accents, and then echoed in the soft lines of the decorative bed pillow.

A beautiful red throw brings a harmonious completion to the decor of this bedroom, because red colour belongs to the same feng shui element of Fire.

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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