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Choose Your Best Feng Shui Front Door Color: Part I

A good feng shui front door colour helps attract good energy to your home


Front doors are very important in feng shui, both the front doors of homes, as well as offices. It is thru the front door - also called the mouth of Chi - that the house receives its nourishment of feng shui energy. This influx of energy, its quality and strength, determines the quality of energy in your home.

As your personal energy is intricately connected to the quality of energy in your home, do your best to create good feng shui in your space, starting with a beautiful front door colour.

In feng shui, the choice of most auspicious colour is based on the direction of the front door and its corresponding feng shui element. If you know which direction your front door is facing, you can find below the best feng shui colour choices for it. If you are new to feng shui, here is how to take the compass reading of your front door - it very easy and quick.

So, here are the best feng shui colour choices for a front door facing any of the 8 compass directions. Find your door and bring a beautiful colour energy to it!

You are reading Part I: EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH & SOUTHWEST Best Front Door Colors

Go to Part II: Best Colours for WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH & NORTHEAST Front Doors

1. EAST Door (Compass Reading from 67.5 to 112.5)

The feng shui element of the East is Wood, so if your front door is facing East, you best choices are the Wood element colours which are colours green and brown. If neither of these two colours work well with the exterior of your house, you have additional options based on the five feng shui elements productive cycle. As Wood element is nourished by both Earth and Water elements, you can choose the colours of these two elements and still create an excellent East facing feng shui front door. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your East Facing Front Door

2. SOUTHEAST Door (Compass Reading from 112.5 to 157.5)

The colour choices for your Southeast facing front door will be similar to an East facing door, because they share the same feng shui element of Wood. So, green and brown colours are both excellent colour choices for a Southeast front door. However, because Southeast direction is associated with the money & wealth energy, there are additional choices for you in order to invite and strengthen the prosperity energy. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your Southeast Facing Front Door

3. SOUTH Door(Compass Reading from 157.5 to 202.5)

South is the only direction with the Fire feng shui element, so the classical, and most auspicious feng shui colour for a South facing front door is the red colour. Other feng shui Fire element colours that are good for your South facing door are strong yellow, purple, orange and strong pink/magenta. As some of these colours might not work with your house exterior, are there any other good feng shui colour choices? Yes, of course! Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your South Facing Front Door

4. SOUTHWEST Door (Compass Reading from 202.5 to 247.5)

The feng shui element of Southwest direction is Earth, and the energy associated with a Southwest door is maternal energy, as well as the energy of love & marriage. So, how does that determine the best feng shui colours for your Southwest facing front door? You would choose a colour of the Earth element - which are all earthy/sandy colours, or go for a colour of a feng shui element that nourished the Earth (the only element that nourishes Earth is Fire). You will also be careful not to choose a colour that weakens the Earth element of the Southwest. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your Southwest Facing Front Door

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