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Choose Your Best Feng Shui Front Door Color: Part II

Continue the exploration of good feng shui front door colours


Let's continue our exploration of best feng shui colours for your front door. As you already know, the best choice of feng shui colour for your front door is based on the direction your door is facing. Why should you go thru the trouble of finding the compass direction of your front door and using feng shui to choose the best colour?

Because with the right choice of colour you can bring great, strong and harmonious energy for your whole house, which means great and harmonious energy for you and your whole family! Good feng shui always gives you more than one option, so no worries about being stuck with a colour choice you do not like or want for your house.

Enjoy creating a beautiful and harmonious feng shui home!

You are reading Part II: WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH & NORTHEAST Front Door Colours

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1. WEST Facing Door(compass reading from 247.5 to 292.5)

The best colours for your West facing front door are the colours of the Metal feng shui element, which are white and gray colours. Your other choices are the colours of the Earth element, because Earth creates/nourishes the Metal element in the five elements feng shui theory. It is also important to avoid the colours of two feng shui elements that can weaken the energy of a West facing door. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your West Facing Front Door

2. NORTHWEST Facing Door (compass reading from 292.5 to 337.5)

A Northwest facing front door will have the same choices of best feng shui colours as the West facing door, because both directions share the same feng shui element of Metal. However, because the Northwest direction is associated with heavenly blessings & helpful people, you might need to pay special attention to your Northwest door. You also have to be mindful about avoiding the colours of the elements that weaken or even destroy the Metal element of the Northwest direction. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your Northwest Facing Front Door

3. NORTH Facing Door(compass reading from 337.5 to 22.5)

North is the only direction of the feng shui element of Water, so the best choices for a North facing door are the Water element colours, which are black and blue colours. If these two colours do not work well with your house exterior, you can go for Metal element colours - white and grey - because Metal nourishes Water in the five elements productive cycle. Be sure to avoid the colours of three feng shui elements that can weaken Water energy. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your North Facing Front Door

4. NORTHEAST Facing Front Door (compass reading from 22.5 to 67.5)

A Northeast facing front door is an opening to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation, and its feng shui element is Earth. Apart from all tones and shades of earthy colours, you can also use the colours of the Fire feng shui element, because Fire nourishes Earth in the five elements productive cycle. Avoid the feng shui elements colours that can weaken the energy of your Northeast door. Read more

=> Choice of Colours for Your Northeast Facing Front Door

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