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Feng Shui Tips for ALL Bagua Areas of Your Home

Improve the feng shui of your home by applying tips for each bagua area


Feng shui can bring the desired changes into your life only when you know the bagua, or feng shui energy map of your home. Once you have defined your bagua, you know which areas of your home need more attention in order to improve specific areas of your life, be it love & marriage, career or health.

Why would the bagua of your home be important to you? Because in feng shui, each area of your home is connected to a specific area of your life. Explore easy feng shui tips for all bagua areas of your home here and make that desired change happen!
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NORTH Bagua Area: CareerNORTHEAST Bagua Area: Spirituality & Personal GrowthEAST Bagua Area: Health & FamilySOUTHEAST Bagua Area: Wealth & Abundance
SOUTH Bagua Area: Fame & ReputationSOUTHWEST Bagua Area: Love & MarriageWEST Bagua Area: Creativity & ChildrenNORTHWEST Bagua Area: Helpful People & Blessings
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