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2014 Good Feng Shui Areas in Your Home (or Office)


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2014 Overall Success - Southwest Area
2014 Good Feng Shui Areas in Your Home (or Office)
In 2014 the overall success energy is in the Southwest bagua area
The # 1 White star visiting the Southwest feng shui bagua area in 2014 is the feng shui star associated with overall success - be it in career, love relationships, money or education.

It is a Water feng shui element star visiting an Earth feng shui element bagua area, so you have to keep an eye on the earth element of this bagua area, and focus on strengthening the water element. Earth can weaken water in the relationship of 5 feng shui elements, so be sure your 2014 Southwest bagua decor is not too focused on the earth element.

Here's how to prepare the Southwest bagua area for good 2014 feng shui:
  • Introduce Water and Metal element decor items in the Southwest bagua area of your home of office in 2014. Colours blue, black, charcoal gray and white are a good choice of colours for Southwest bagua decor in 2014 because of their feng shui element energies.

  • The feng shui decor to avoid in the Southwest area in 2014 is the Wood element decor (Wood drains energy from the Water feng shui element of the visiting star). So avoid a strong presence of colours green and brown, as well as tall big plants or focal point images with plants/lush greenery.

  • It is also best to avoid a strong presence of Fire element here in 2014 as Fire clashes with Water, thus it can weaken its energy. Fire feng shui element is expressed in colours red and purple, many candles, images of fire, triangular shapes, etc.

  • Best feng shui cures for Southwest in 2014 are the cures with strong victorious, joyful energy. The image of a horse is a classical feng shui cure that can work very well here. A metal Wu Lou (Chinese gourd) is also recommended, as well as items in round shapes.
Be sure to take proper care of the 2014 feng shui areas in your home or office that are affected by the negative energy of the so-called "bad feng shui stars". Explore the:

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