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Feng Shui Nursery Case Study: Feng Shui Tips for Calmer Nights with the Baby

Use feng shui to get better sleep with the new baby


feng shui nursery case study

Just a couple nights after the feng shui changes were implemented, Jane called to report all family members are sleeping well.

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Jane and Patrick welcomed baby Samantha on a bright April morning. Jane was a feng shui client of mine; both she and her husband have busy and successful careers, keep a big home and a myriad of other activities and commitments.

Four months after the baby's birth and still very little sleep at night, Jane asked me to check the feng shui energy of the home and see if there is anything that can be done with feng shui to calm the situation. The baby was a very light sleeper and was crying a lot, this started taking its toll on the health of both parents, as well as their relationship.

Here's what was happening in the house:
  • The baby's room looked very busy and was overloaded with various bright colored items, as well as electrical appliances. This created a very active, strong and even disturbing quality of feng shui energy.

  • The most dangerous part were the very high electromagnetic fields, way above the normal level, coming from a variety of sources: the baby heart monitor placed under the mattress, the baby video monitor, as well as the very strong radiation from the wall adjacent to the home office.

  • Baby's crib was placed in line with the door. Even though not too close to the door, it still had a disturbing and too strong of a rush of feng shui energy for a little baby to handle well.

  • The parents' bedroom was totally overtaken by baby-related items, as was practically every other open space in the house.
Here's what we did:
  • We addressed the very high level of electromagnetic fields by letting go of numerous baby-related electrical gadgets (most of them rarely used!) We also solved the very unfavorable vicinity of two spaces: home office and baby's room by relocating the baby's room further away from the office.

  • The parents' bedroom came back to its "original" look and feel of a bedroom of two adults who love to share intimate moments, as well as have a good night sleep! This included gathering all the baby-related items in a small area that was visually not competing with the main purpose of an adult bedroom: to sleep and make love.

  • We created similar areas in most parts of the house - family room, kitchen/dining, home office, main entry - where baby-related items where clearly and nicely organized together without overwhelming the space.
Here are the results:

Just a couple nights after the feng shui changes were implemented, Jane called to report all family members are sleeping well. Patrick feels much happier and enthusiastic about their future, and Jane changed her mind about never having another baby!
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