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1 Star in 9 Star Ki Astrology - White Water Energy

Understand the basics of Number 1 Star in feng shui astrology


1 Star in 9 Star Ki Astrology - White Water Energy

In feng shui, or 9 Star Ki astrology, individuals with Number 1 White Water Star tend to have strong intuition, sensitivity, independence and deep strength. The potential negatives are the lack of discipline, getting too emotional or isolated.

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YOU ARE A 1 STAR KI IF YOU WERE BORN IN: 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017, 2026, 2035

There are many levels to any astrological reading, including a feng shui 9 Star Ki astrology chart. You can gain wisdom from many sources, none of them being the ultimate truth. The 9 Star Ki astrology will give you a glimpse into tendencies, possibilities and opportunities you might have, and it is only up to you to make the best of this knowledge.

The astrological profile of each of the 9 stars in feng shui 9 Star Ki astrology is determined by the energy of its main feng shui element.

The theory of 5 feng shui elements is both complex and simple at the same time. To start, just connect to the energy of your element as found in nature, and you will feel and understand it experientially.


The energy properties of Water reveal the many fascinating aspects about your Star 1 energy. Water is the only element that is not only found in several forms - liquid (water), vapourous (steam) and solid (ice) - it also has numerous qualities as determined by its location. The strong, rebellious and potentially destructive water of big ocean waves is very different from the soothing still water of a lake, or the fresh gentle flow in a quiet brook.

Even though most Star 1 White Water personalities will tend to express one or two specific tendencies of water, you have in you the ability to embrace all expressions. From adventurous exploration of way too many subjects to deep immersion into one lifetime pursuit - you can do it all.

With such a wide range of opportunities comes the challenge of discipline and making the best of what you have. Not going into extremes and knowing how to nourish your energy are the main challenges of Star 1 Water people.

As a sensitive and very intuitive person, you also tend to be very emotional, and it will take discipline to learn to channel this energy productively and create a strong vital force within you instead of depleting your energy in useless dramas.

Going with the flow is a talent that comes easy to you as a Water sign, and, when in balance, it can much help you in life. When imbalanced, though, this can express itself in confusion, delay in making any decisions or being overwhelmed by fearful emotions.

In the five elements theory, Water is nourished by the element of Metal with its qualities of Clarity, Discipline and Preciseness. If you can learn to master these Metal element energies while strengthening your own valuable qualities of Ease of Flow, Intuition and Exploration, you can achieve the unachievable in this lifetime.

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No matter where you find yourself in this moment - your energy might feel as a quiet slow river or maybe the opposite - a fast and raging ocean wave; know that you always have a reservoir of hidden strength deep inside you.

This is represented by the trigram K'An of your Star 1.

K'An Trigram

_____    _____


_____    _____

The K'An Trigram has the middle line as a yang (uninterrupted) energy line sandwiched between two yin (interrupted) lines. This dynamic denotes a deep hidden strength that lies underneath what might look like the most gentle or fragile exterior of a Star 1 person.

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