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Use Feng Shui To Encourage Learning

Apply easy feng shui tips to encourage the passion for learning in your child


feng shui learning tips

Feng shui tips for learning: Display books in an easily visible and accessible feng shui area. Ideally a shelf full of books will be the first view your child sees when he or she is entering the room.

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Ancient Chinese people placed a big emphasis on educating the younger generations, thus there are many feng shui cures for encouraging and promoting lifelong learning in children.

According to the Bagua, or feng shui energy map, the West area of your space is the one "responsible" for the beneficial (or not) feng shui energy connected to your children's well-being. When treated properly, this feng shui bagua area can create an auspicious quality of energy that will encourage your child's love for learning.

Here are some basic feng shui tips to keep in mind:
  • The feng shui element of the West is Metal, so avoid Fire feng shui element energy (in colors, shapes, images of fire), because in the cycle of five feng shui elements Fire feng shui element melts the Metal feng shui element. On a practical level, avoid having red color on the wall, artwork with fiery energy or a big red sofa or a red or purple area carpet in the West feng shui area of your home.

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  • To strengthen this feng shui area, use Metal feng shui element (colors white and gray) or Earth feng shui element (light yellow and sandy colors.) For example, you can go for a carpet with predominant earthy colors and white or cream color furnishings.

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  • As West feng shui area is connected to your children's well-being, it is recommended to have your children's artwork, as well as happy photos of your children in this area. You can display them in either white, or metal frames. The combination of these items will create a beneficial quality of feng shui energy in this bagua area called Children & Creativity.

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  • Display books in a visible and easily accessible (for the child) area. Ideally a shelf full of books will be the first view your child sees when he or she enters the room. The books have to be placed on a child-appropriate height, as well as have a nice reading area close by with good lighting and comfortable seating.

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  • Display the map of the world, or a free-standing globe in either the North, Northeast or West feng shui areas of your child's room. This will encourage the feng shui energy of expanded thinking and a quest for a bigger vision of one's life. You can also ncourage your child to create his or her own vision board, which is excellent feng shui.

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First and foremost, though, be sure your child has a healthy bedroom and is sleeping well. Growing up requires a lot of energy; provide them with the best possible energy to support a harmonious and happy growth.

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