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Declutter Your Home: 5 Feng Shui Steps for Easy Clutter Clearing

Use feng shui for smart and easy clutter clearing


clutter clearing with feng shui

Declutter your home by using feng shui to make the clutter clearing process easy and fun. You do not have to be bored or angry when you declutter your home; approach the clutter clearing time by accepting your emotions about it and keep using feng shui!

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Spring cleaning and clutter clearing might sound exciting when you think of the results, but not of the process itself! Just thinking that you have to declutter your home makes you feel that you urgently need to do something else, doesn't it?

It is Ok to avoid the clutter clearing process for a while, but if you honestly know that you need to declutter your home, look into feng shui to make the process fun.

Here is what you can do to bring some helping energy to your clutter clearing efforts with feng shui:

1. Open all windows and aerate the space well to bring fresh vibrant energy.

2. Get dressed in clothing that is practical, made of natural fibers in colours that make you feel good!

3. Bring some feng shui fire element colors for an additional boost of energy for yourself and for the space you are working on.

4. Put on the music you love and start small, focusing on one area to give you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Finish the process before you get tired of it and treat yourself to something really nice, be it a good cup of coffee at the best cafe in town or a movie with a friend.

By following these simple feng shui clutter clearing steps you will create the energy of excitement around a process that is usually avoided, and your place will be breathing new energy in no time!

Ready to do some serious clutter clearing? Proceed to these feng shui tips on the actual clutter clearing process:

=> Step-by-Step Feng Shui Process To Clear Your Clutter

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