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Feng Shui Design Tips by Room

Explore feng shui tips for every room in your house - from bedroom to bathroom, from kitchen to laundry room, basement and even your garage. Use feng shui to create a strong and vibrant main entry, deal with feng shui challenges of your staircase and enjoy a good feng shui home. If your question about the feng shui of your house is not answered here, please ask your question at the feng shui forum.
  1. Feng Shui Kitchen Design (12)
  2. Feng Shui for Baby's Room (4)
  3. Feng Shui for Bathroom (10)
  4. Feng Shui for Bedroom (22)
  5. Feng Shui of Storage Spaces (3)
  6. Home Office Feng Shui (5)

Main Entrance Good Feng Shui Design
Good feng shui design in your main entrance is very important for obvious reasons. It is through the main entrance that the house absorbs its main feng shui energy nourishment, so you have to focus on creating good feng shui in your main entrance in order to enjoy a good feng shui house. This article will help you with many feng shui main entry...

What is the Best Feng Shui Arrangement for the Living Room?
Good feng shui in the living room will be based on the same energy foundation as good feng shui for the whole home.

Feng Shui Tips for a Basement Apartment
Feng Shui of a basement apartment tends to be quite challenging and low energy for three main reasons: lack of natural light, insufficient air circulation, as well as its typical half-underground position, or location.

Feng Shui of Closets: Clear Closet Clutter with Feng Shui
Here is the thing about the closets - most people think of closets as an out of sight, out of mind deal. Not true. Especially in feng shui terms, where we know that everything is energy. It is important to understand that with the feng shui energy, the out of sight strategy does not work. You cannot cover, conceal or pretend not to see low...

Feng Shui in a Studio / Bachelor Apartment - Feng Shui Tips for Small Apartments
Applying feng shui in a small apartment or studio can be a challenge, as often there is little or no separation between your living, working and sleeping space. In other words, how do you apply feng shui if your bedroom is part of your living room, and the kitchen is right close to it, all areas with no walls to separate the different feng shui energies?

buy house feng shui real estate
Explore feng shui tips to help choose the best feng shui home for you and your family. From what makes a good feng shui floor plan to what to look for before buying a new house - all the info is here for you.

bad feng shui house location
Understand the bad feng shui location of a house so that you know how to choose a good feng shui home. If your house is in a bad feng shui location, these tips should help ypu make it better.

feng shui real estate buy sell build house
Explore the feng shui in real estate applications - from building a good feng shui house to dealing with a challenging house location, selling a house or buying a house with good feng shui.

feng shui bathroom bad locations
If your bathroom in one of these 6 bad feng shui locations? Learn to create good feng shui no matter which feng shui are your bathroom is located in.

top bad feng shui new home
Here are the top 7 bad feng shui aspects of a home; be sure to either avoid buying a home that has one or more of these design feng shui flaws of fix it as soon as possible in your exisiting home.

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