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Feng Shui Different Kua Numbers for a Couple


Feng Shui Different Kua Numbers for a Couple
Question: Feng Shui Different Kua Numbers for a Couple
My Kua is East with the number 1, my husband's is West with the number 2. Am I just doomed at trying to find a happy medium? Thanks.
Answer: No, of course you are not doomed! I assure you there are many very happy homes with couples that have different Kua numbers. The Kua number refers mainly to the best directions in terms of attracting and absorbing the highest quality of energy for your type. Now, who is to say that both you and your husband have to face the same directions while working in the office, or at the dining table, or in your favorite spot when watching TV?

Check and see which direction the front door faces, i.e. is it best energy for you or for your husband? If, for example, it is your husband's best direction, then see if the sleeping direction can be chosen to best benefit you.

What you have to focus on is balancing out so that both you and your husband can draw on the best energy (for your own types) throughout the day.

As you can see in this suggestion on Kua number versus the immediate environment, there are more important, basic elements that are often overlooked, but have a much stronger influence on your well-being than just following the Kua number.

Good luck to you and hope that helps!

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