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Feng Shui Decorating in 5 Steps


feng shui decorating tips

When decorating your home with feng shui, it is important to focus on the big picture (your whole house or apartment) as well as "zoom in" into each specific area of your home in order to create the best quality of feng shui energy.

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Question: Feng Shui Decorating in 5 Steps
I keep hearing about feng shui decorating and would like to understand how is it different from usual home decorating. Thank you!
Answer: Feng shui decorating is basically a way to decorate your home so as to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony.

Feng shui decorating does not necessarily mean creating a Zen-type home; what feng shui decorating means is that you create an environment that has the best energy to support the specific activity, or activities intended for that space.

A home office needs an active, vibrant energy of success, while a bedroom will need a soft, sensual energy. You can achieve the desired energies by following basic feng shui principles in your decorating efforts.

Feng shui can be used in decorating your house with the goal of creating a loving, supportive, fun and happy home. Decorating tips used in feng shui are slightly different than the traditional decorating, but once you start using feng shui, a harmoniously decorated home is yours to enjoy!

Your first step in decorating your home with feng shui starts before the actual decorating process.

The first feng shui requirement is to clear the old energy residues and create a strong and clear energy foundation. What does that mean on a practical level?

  • It means you have to clear your clutter. Decorating a cluttered home makes no sense, from the feng shui point of view. Kind of like applying expensive make-up to an unwashed face. Why would you do that?
Only after you have cleared the old energy you can move on to a successful feng shui decorating process. But wait, there is one more step before you immerse yourself into playing with colors, textures and an endless variety of feng shui cures!

So, the STEP # 1 is:
  • Be sure you have good quality air and good quality light. These two elements are essential for good Chi, or good feng shui energy in your home.
OK, so if you have done all the preliminary work - your house is clutter-free (or almost clutter-free), you have good quality air and good quality light, you are now ready to start decorating with feng shui!
  1. Feng shui decorating STEP # 2 is to define the bagua, or the energy map of your home. The bagua of your home will serve as a blueprint, or a clear map as to what colors are used in specific rooms, what images are best in your home, how to position the furniture for best energy flow, etc.

  2. Feng shui decorating STEP # 3 is to know how to use color for good feng shui. Is blue good feng shui for bedroom? Is red OK in the main entry?

  3. Feng shui decorating STEP # 4 is to define good feng shui products that your home needs. You might have many of them already, or you might need a beautiful fountain and some great feng shui art, plus a Buddha image in your home office to go with your decor scheme.

  4. Feng shui decorating STEP NUMBER 5 is to know how to position your decor items as powerful feng shui cures. You brought your fountain and you brought your crystals, now where and how do you position them for best feng shui in your home?

When decorating your home with feng shui, it is important to focus on the big picture (your whole house or apartment), as well as "zoom in" into each specific area of your home in order to create best feng shui energy in all your rooms.

Below are some feng shui tips to help you out:

BEDROOM: How To Create A Good Feng Shui Bedroom. Good feng shui in your home cannot exist without good feng shui in your bedroom. As simple as that. Find out the basics of a good feng shui bedroom in this short FREE video tip.

BATHROOM: Good Feng Shui Bathroom Tips. Yes, bathrooms are considered challenging in feng shui. This does not mean, though, that you cannot have a beautiful bathroom with great feng shui.

KITCHEN: Feng Shui for Kitchen. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and is directly connected to the flow of abundance in your life.

HOME OFFICE: Feng Shui for Home Office. If you work from home, a good feng shui energy in your home office is a must.

NURSERY: Feng Shui for Baby's Room. Take care of the health of your little one with basic feng shui nursery tips.

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