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Feng Shui Principles Are Complicated; Can You Give Easy Beginners Tips for Home?


feng shui principles for feng shui beginners

Even though feng shui principles are complex, it is easy to define a feng shui beginners plan for your house. Create a list of priorities the house needs in order to look and feel better; this will be the foundation for good feng shui in your home.

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Question: Feng Shui Principles Are Complicated; Can You Give Easy Beginners Tips for Home?
Answer: Yes, feng shui can be easily applied in any space, but the feng shui principles are sure very complex. However, most complex subjects can be explained in simple terms, so here is the info on main feng shui principles: Let me assure you that you do not need to have a deep understanding of feng shui principles in order to start applying feng shui in your home. There are many easy feng shui tips you can apply right away to create a better quality of energy.

If you are just starting out with feng shui, it is helpful to identify which areas of your home need help the most.

For example, you might feel very good about your kitchen and your living room, thus tend to spend quite a bit of time there, but your bedroom, bathrooms and your closets are neglected.

In feng shui, the house is viewed as a whole being in which one part is intricately connected to the other.

To create good feng shui in your home - no matter you know the main feng shui principles or not - first identify the areas that need most attention and define the steps necessary to improve these areas.

I have seen many people completely ignore the areas that feel like too much work, such as the attached garage, the laundry room or the closets.

Instead, they choose to focus on areas that are already quite well-done, such as the main entry or the living room. Do not make this mistake. Look at your house as a whole system and understand that one neglected area will sooner or later spread the negative energy throughout your whole house.

Define a feng shui plan for your house, or a list of priorities to bring the current state of your home closer to the state of a desired home. Know that with a strong intent and with enough perseverance, a harmonious home with great energy will be yours to enjoy!

Once you have clearly identified your priorities, explore these easy feng shui tips:
  • Main Door Feng Shui Challenges. Is your main door aligned with the back door? Do you have a staircase facing the main door? The front door is very important in feng shui, as this is how Chi, or Universal energy, enters the house.

  • Flow of Chi. Get into the habit of checking the flow of Chi in your home. Does the energy flow freely to all the areas of your home? Or does it get blocked before reaching your bedroom? Do you have good energy (Sheng Chi) or bad energy (Si & Sha Chi) in your home?

  • Clear Your Clutter. I know this is easier said than done, but, believe me, clearing clutter is not that hard! We have some suggestions and easy tips to help you with the clutter clearing process.

  • Watch FREE Feng Shui Video Tips on how to create good energy in your home. Find out how to use colors, crystals, position mirrors, create a good feng shui bedroom, and more.

And here are some easy feng shui tips by room/area:
When you are ready, explore the use of most popular feng shui cures, such as:

Whenever you encounter difficulties in applying feng shui in your home, office or garden, be sure to go to the feng shui discussion forum and post your question. The feng shui community of consultants and enthusiasts is there to help you.

You can also subscribe to the weekly feng shui tips newsletter or become a member of about.com feng shui on facebook.

Good luck and welcome to the fascinating world of feng shui!
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