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Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Diamonds - Good or Bad Jewellery Choice?


diamond engagement rings

The diamond has strong protective and healing properties, this is why the diamond has become the symbol of expressing the love for a lifetime. The energy of a diamond is considered to strengthen the trust and fidelity in a love relationship.

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Question: Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Diamonds - Good or Bad Jewellery Choice?

Are engagement diamond rings with 3 diamond stones (some people refer to them as anniversary rings) bad feng shui jewellery? Is it better to have the traditional engagement ring with one diamond and maybe little diamonds on the side? One more jewellery question: is it bad feng shui to buy a wedding band that has 2 rings that stack together? Thank you!

Answer: The feng shui of jewellery is a popular topic, because when chosen right, your jewellery becomes a powerful energizer and protector of your personal energy.

Basically, the feng shui criteria of good or bad jewellery is based on the energy created by diamonds and other crystals and gemstones in their specific setting. So, your questions about the design of an engagement ring with three diamonds is very interesting!

If you look at the history of engagement diamond rings, there have been many different stones (not only diamonds!) & designs; most with deep meaning and their own complex language. Sapphires have been used because of their association with loyalty and devotion, rubies because of their passionate energy and emeralds for vitality and good luck.

Even though many consider the fashion of giving diamond engagement rings coming from a very successful advertising campaign by De Beers; the fact is, the diamond is the "king of stones" because it is one of the strongest and most light-filled gemstones in nature.

The diamond has strong protective and healing properties, so it is a perfect symbol to express love for a lifetime. The energy of the diamond is considered to instil the aspect of trust and fidelity into one's relationship.

Feng shui-wise, a traditional engagement ring with one diamond is the best, as it speaks of "the one and only", as well as because the feng shui energy of a bigger stone - in this case a diamond - is stronger than the energy of a group of smaller ones.


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One big diamond with several little diamonds on the side is also good feng shui, much better than a ring with 3 diamonds. Three is not the best number for stones in the engagement diamond ring design, just like a prominent humber three is to be avoided in a couple's bedroom decor.

Your question about the wedding band that has 2 rings that are stacked together is certainly interesting, too!

Best feng shui energy choice for a wedding ring is - again - the one and only energy - which means a wedding band with 2 stackable rings is not considered good feng shui.

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