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Feng Shui Tips for A Money Area in the Bathroom


Feng Shui Tips for A Money Area in the Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom with colours green, brown, blue, black and earthy are all good for a bathroom in the feng shui money area.

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Question: Feng Shui Tips for A Money Area in the Bathroom
My feng shui money area is in the bathroom; what easy feng shui cures can I add to increase the money flow?
Answer: A bathroom in the feng shui money area is certainly a challenge. In fact, a bathroom in any feng shui bagua area is a challenge, but not necessarily bad feng shui.

The first thing to do when you are dealing with any challenging feng shui area is to commit to keeping it very clean and orderly.

There can be no good feng shui without cleanliness and order, and this especially applies to a challenging bagua area.

Next, you can explore the 8 feng shui money area decorating tips and see which ones are possible to apply in your money area bathroom.

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Here are just a few easy feng shui tips you can apply in your money area bathroom:
  1. COLOURS. Use the colors you like the most from these three feng shui elements. You can bring your feng shui choice of color with the wall color, feng shui element art or with the color of bathroom accessories.

  2. LUCKY BAMBOO. 8 stalks of lucky bamboo are considered a good feng shui cure for wealth and abundance, so see if a lucky bamboo will look good in your bathroom.

  3. CRYSTALS. Bring a bowl of feng shui crystals - you can use multicolor crystals and combine several crystals such as citrine, pyrite, amethyst and jade for a rich, energizing feng shui wealth cure.

  4. IMAGES. Bring images of wealth (bathroom appropriate, of course!). This can be colourful photos, various art posters or fresh images from nature.

  5. SPA FEEL. Create a luxurious, spa like feel in your bathroom.

  6. ORDER. Keep the space clean and clutter-free. Be sure to have good quality air and good light, as these are the foundations of good energy.

  7. FENG SHUI ALERT. Last but certainly not least, always keep the toilet seat down to minimize the common feng shui concern with the bathroom in the feng shui money area that lets your money go down the drain. This will also certainly alleviate the concern of a bathroom as the space with the biggest leakage of energy.


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