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How Do I Apply Feng Shui Birth Element and Kua Number?


How Do I Apply Feng Shui Birth Element and Kua Number?

Your feng shui birth element and feng shui kua number are valuable pieces of information to help create a harmonious home with fresh and auspicious feng shui energy.

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Question: How Do I Apply Feng Shui Birth Element and Kua Number?
I am totally confused, my birth feng shui Ba Gua (Earth) and my Kua Number (1) have different elements, directions, etc. Could you tell me the difference between feng shui Ba Gua and Kua Numbers, should I use one for furniture arrangement and the other for feng shui crystals, etc.?
Answer: Good feng shui question, thank you for asking! Let me try to bring clarity to your confusion about these two pieces of feng shui information.

First of all, you wrote my birth feng shui Ba Gua (Earth). This is not correct.

Your personal feng shui birth element is Earth (I assume you calculated it right, here is a link to find your birth element.) Now, this is very different from the feng shui Ba-Gua (bagua), which literally translated means "eight areas." Bagua is one of the main tools used in the feng shui analysis of a home or office.

So, the first piece of information you have is your personal feng shui birth element, very helpful to know when creating the most harmonious environment for your type.

Here is a product that many people have found helpful - the feng shui personal energy report - it gives you guidelines to help create the best home or office environment based on your feng shui birth element (disclaimer: please note this product is created by me and suggested because a large number of people have ordered it and found it helpful.)

The second piece of information is your Kua number; you mentioned it is 1. The Kua number is calculated based on your gender and date of birth. Kua number gives you insight into the best, or lucky feng shui directions from which to receive the most vibrant and nourishing feng shui energy for your type.

=> Calculate Your Kua Number

=> Find Our Your Feng Shui Birth Element

How do you put these two pieces of feng shui information together? Let me help you with basic feng shui suggestions.

Your Birth Element is Earth, which means both Fire and Earth feng shui elements are very nurturing for you (Fire creates Earth in the interaction of the five feng shui elements).

In practical terms, this will include introducing Fire element colors into your environment: red, strong yellow, purple, pink; as well as the colors of your own feng shui element (Earth): sandy, light yellow, light brown. Actual earthenware objects, for example, beautiful clay pots bring the Earth energy, candles or fiery images bring the Fire energy, etc.

=> How To Decorate with the Fire Feng Shui Element Popular Cures

=> How To Use Earth Feng Shui Element Popular Cures in Your Decorating

Your Kua Number is 1, which means you are an East group person and receive the best, most vibrant and nurturing energy from the following feng shui directions: Southeast, East, South, North.

About Your Lucky Feng Shui Directions

The way to apply this information is to try to face one of these feng shui directions whenever you can - working in your office, sleeping, or while spending a long time in one spot (i.e. reading, writing, or watching TV.)

Hope that helps and good luck!

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