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What is the Feng Shui of Plants in the Bedroom: Good Feng Shui or Bad Feng Shui?


feng shui plants in the bedroom

Plants are excellent feng shui for any home, especially the top air-purifying feng shui plants. However, plants are generally not recommended in a good feng shui bedroom.

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Question: What is the Feng Shui of Plants in the Bedroom: Good Feng Shui or Bad Feng Shui?
I am very confused as I am reading some feng shui books that say DO NOT put plants in the bedroom, as they need to be watered and water is bad feng shui in the bedroom. Then I read plants are good feng shui as they take the carbon dioxide from the air. I tend to want to put plants in the master bedroom. Can you tell my why there are opposite views and is it good feng shui or bad feng shui?
Answer: Very good shui feng question, thank you for asking. Let's look at it from a practical point of view - what do plants do at night? They release carbon dioxide into the air.

What do you do at night? Hopefully sleep in your bedroom. Thus, plants in the bedroom is not the best feng shui idea.

Feng shui-wise, they also represent growth and vibrant life, and it is not exactly the energy you want to have in the bedroom.

This is not to say that a small plant, especially in a big bedroom, is bad feng shui! Not at all.

Please make a note that this only applies to one's bedroom, as anywhere else in the house plants are excellent feng shui, especially considering the level of indoor pollution in most homes and offices.

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