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Which Direction Should the Feng Shui Tortoise Face?


feng shui tortoise

There are many feng shui tortoises with specific designs on their back, or with additions, such as feng shui coins to attract more money

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Question: Which Direction Should the Feng Shui Tortoise Face?
Please help me to get out of a terrible mess! I have moved a stone tortoise from its feng shui position at our (West- facing) front entrance and can not remember its exact feng shui position/direction.

I do know that it is extremely important to my wife, who is away for a few days, and that if the feng shui tortoise is not facing the original feng shui direction when she returns - I am likely to be in a lot of trouble!! - So much for trying to help with the cleaning. Any feng shui help that you can give will be very much appreciated.
Answer: Good feng shui question. First, no reason to worry. Even if a feng shui cure is misplaced for a couple of days, there is a very small chance that it would considerably weaken the feng shui energy in the home.

There are several feng shui rules, or guidelines, when placing a tortoise as afeng shui cure in your home, your garden, or your office.

The Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animals, or Guardians in feng shui, which are the Green Dragon (East), the Red Phoenix (South), the White Tiger (West) and the Black Tortoise (North.)

They are considered guardians of good feng shui energy and the roots of their symbolism and feng shui use go deep to the feng shui beginnings, or the landscape school of feng shui. This brings us to the first feng shui use of turtles, or tortoises in feng shui, which is the feng shui use as a protection and energy strengthening cure when placed in the back of the house. This also means you can place a small tortoise at your back in the office, or in the back of your garden.

The second use of the tortoise, particularly a black tortoise made from metal is in the North, as a feng shui energy enhancer for your career - it will help attract a smooth, grounding energy for your business projects and promotions in your career.

The third feng shui use is to bring a stable, grounding energy to a feng shui area of your feng shui map, or Bagua that needs more protection and stability. You mentioned you have a stone tortoise close to the West-facing front door, which brings the energy of grounding (stone/Earth feng shui element) and protection to the main door. Good choice! If your wife chose this application of feng shui, be sure that the turtle is facing the main door.

The fourth application is used in a slightly more advanced feng shui - as you might have in your case, too - when the feng shui tortoise is facing the best directions for the inhabitants of the home, and this is calculated by looking into the Kua number, the birth element and the current feng shui energies for the year.

There are also feng shui tortoises with specific designs on their back, as well as made from different materials, or with additions, such as feng shui coins to attract more money, to improve health, etc, as well as feng shui terrapins, which should not be confused with feng shui turtles, as their feng shui use is slightly different.

My advice, though, is not to worry. I am sure you do remember the approximate positioning of the turtle. If in doubt, make it face the main door, but definitely ask your wife if she placed it as a more advanced feng shui cure.

You can't really go wrong with this Celestial feng shui symbol if you treat it with respect. Besides, I am sure your wife will only appreciate your help with cleaning, as well as your concern and your respect for her feng shui interest!

Hope this helps and best of luck to you.
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