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Feng Shui Use of Plants

Plants are always excellent feng shui for a home or office because they bring vibrant Chi, or energy into one's space. As long as the plants are kept healthy, are placed in good feng shui bagua areas, (as well as in visually pleasing pots), you can be sure they are good feng shui. Explore our easy tips for creating good feng shui in a home or office by using various plants.

Are There Good and Bad Feng Shui Plants?
I would not go as far as to say that there are bad feng shui plants and good feng shui plants. It is more about the feng shui positioning of specific plants in specific feng shui bagua areas of one's home or office.

Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants To Improve the Feng Shui of Your Home or Office
Best feng shui advice to keep in mind is to always be aware of the quality of the indoor air and do your best to improve it. Research shows that indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one. Is there a feng shui solution? Yes, there is!

What is the Feng Shui of Plants in the Bedroom: Good Feng Shui or Bad Feng Shui?
Very good shui feng question, thank you for asking. Let's look at it from a practical point of view.

More About the Feng Shui Use of Plants in the Bedroom
The topic of feng shui of plants in the bedroom and either it is good feng shui or bad feng shui to have them in your bedroom triggered a lot of e-mails from our readers.

Feng Shui Use of PLANTS Video and Tips
Do you want to create good feng shui energy? Watch our short video to learn how to use plants for good feng shui and be sure to read the tips, too!

Which Feng Shui Money Plant is Best To Use as A Feng Shui Money Cure?
There is a common confusion in feng shui as to which plant exactly is considered the feng shui money plant.

Create Great Feng Shui with Vertical Wall Gardens
Have you ever felt like recreating a rainforest in your very own home? After all, feng shui is all about bringing indoors the vibrant outdoor energy, and the healing feel of a rainforest is hard to match.

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