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Help! My Bed is Facing My Worst Feng Shui Direction and I Cannot Change the Bed!


bed in unlucky feng shui direction

Even though it is best to have your bed face one of your lucky feng shui directions, you do not have to worry if your bed faces a different feng shui direction. There are many other ways to bring good feng shui into your bedroom.

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Question: Help! My Bed is Facing My Worst Feng Shui Direction and I Cannot Change the Bed!
I need your feng shui advice, please help me. My bed is facing my worst feng shui direction and I cannot change the positioning of the bed. Am I doomed now? I hope you can give me some good feng shui tips to improve my situation. Thank you!
Answer: No, you are not doomed. Feng shui info should be taken as a tool to improve your life and well-being, not to create complications for yourself.

If you cannot change the position of your bed, then you cannot change the position of your bed. Accept it as a given and start from there.

Focus on all the numerous ways you can bring good feng shui energy into your bedroom, from fresh air to colors to the best furniture positioning for optimum flow of energy.

There are many other ways you can use the energy of your best feng shui directions, such as, for example, facing your best directions while at work, or in any other space where you have to spend a specific amount of time.

For those readers who are not familiar with the notions of best feng shui directions, if you know your feng shui kua number, you can find out your lucky and unlucky feng shui directions. Based on your date of birth, you have four lucky directions, and four unlucky ones. You are also either in the East or in the West group category.

Basically, the meaning of lucky and unlucky feng shui directions is that you receive better, more auspicious energies from some directions, and inauspicious energies from other directions. Once you know your most auspicious feng shui directions, you will focus on facing them whenever possible.

In conclusion let me state again that the best way to apply feng shui is in a wise, balanced and consistent way. Remember, the purpose of feng shui is to empower you with efficient tools to improve the quality of your life, not to fill you with fear.

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