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Feng Shui Cures

House and Home Good Feng Shui: How do you actually create good feng shui in your home? From the right use of feng shui colors to feng shui fountains, feng shui crystals, mirrors and feng shui plants - all the helpful feng shui tips are here for you. Explore the various feng shui remedies and cures to help you create good energy in your home. If your question about feng shui cures is not answered here, please ask your question at the feng shui forum.
  1. Crystals and Stones (38)
  2. Feng Shui Money Cures (20)
  3. Good Luck Feng Shui Cures (50)
  4. House Plan Feng Shui Tips (23)
  5. Love Feng Shui Cures (16)
  6. Popular Feng Shui Symbols (22)
  7. Top Feng Shui Products (19)
  8. Use of Feng Shui Cures (11)

How To Place Your Feng Shui Cures
How do you place your feng shui cures for best results? Can you always combine the best feng shui directions tips with the bagua feng shui area requirements?

Define the Feng Shui Cures Best Direction
Which best direction should your feng shui cure face? And how do you define the best direction for a specific feng shui cure?

Feng Shui in Real Estate - Sell Your House Quickly with Feng Shui
Explore the variety of feng shui uses in real estate - from selling a house fast to buying a house with good feng shui.

Where Can I Buy Good Feng Shui Products?
Good feng shui products are easy to come by. However, quite often products presented as "feng shui products" are of questionable quality and design.

Popular Classical Feng Shui Cures
If you are interested in popular classical feng shui products and would like to gift yourself (or your friends!) with some traditional feng shui gifts, here is a list that should make the shopping of feng shui cures easy for you!

More 2014 Feng Shui Annual Cures
Explore 10 more annual 2014 feng shui cures for your home or office and find easy online help to purchase them. In 2014, the annual feng shui cures must be in place by February 4, 2014.

Find Out The Meaning of Popular Feng Shui Symbols
Traditional feng shui schools have many symbols used for various purposes. Some feng shui symbols are well known, such as the Mandarin Ducks for love and marriage, the Tortoise for protection and stability, or the Koi Fish for wealth.

2014 Feng Shui Annual Cures
Find out where to buy the 2014 annual feng shui cures for your home or office. From the feng shui salt water cure to wealth vase, Chi Lins and more, we make it easy for you to get your home and office ready with good feng shui for 2014!

Your Personal Feng Shui Toolbox
Here is your personal feng shui toolbox - from your kua number to auspicious measurements to your luck this year - use it wisely!

Crystals as Feng Shui Cures
Various rystals are widely used as powerful feng shui cures in many popular home and office applications.

Can You Give Feng Shui Tips To Help Attract What I Need?
I need good feng shui tips to help me with a specific issue in my life. Can you give some feng shui tips for attracting what one needs?

Create Good Feng Shui In A Small Office with No Windows
Good feng shui is possible even in the most challenging offices or homes. If you have to work long hours in a small office with no windows, there are several office feng shui tips to help you make the best of it.

The Power of Scent as a Feng Shui Cure
We all know the power of smell when it comes to selling a house with feng shui. The "smell to sell" is a commonly accepted strategy in real estate. Can you the same knowledge for good feng shui in your home, though?

Energy Properties of Essential Oils
Find out how various essential oils can shift the energy of your environment and beneficially influence your health.

Body Feng Shui Jewelry
Well-designed jewelry is an excellent feng shui way to take care of your personal energy.

Feng Shui Properties of Crystals
Choose a crystal from the drop-down menu and read all about its feng shui properties.

Feng Shui Gem Tree Cure
Feng shui gem trees, also called feng shui crystal trees, are a popular cure in the traditional feng shui school applications.

Secret Feng Shui Cures
Some feng shui schools, such as the the BTB School of Feng Shui, have feng shui cures that are more similar to meditations.

Feng Shui Use of the Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. However, it is also one of the most neglected feng shui cures.

Top 8 Feng Shui Cures for Home
Find out how simple and beautiful decor elements and top feng shui cures can bring great energy to your home.

How To Use Color as Feng Shui Cure
This feng shui color guide will help you choose the best colors as feng shui cures for a harmonious home.

Feng Shui Aquarium for Wealth
Feng shui aquariums are a beautiful and potent feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and abundance.

Top 10 Air Purifying Plants
Best feng shui advice to keep in mind is to always be aware of the quality of the indoor air and do your best to improve it. Numerous research shows that indoor pollution is much worse that the outdoor pollution.

Use of Singing Bowls in a Good Feng Shui Home
Are you wondering is singing bowls can be used as a feng shui cure? And, if you can use singing bowls in your home for better feng shui, how exactly should you use them? Are there specific singing bowls that it is best to use in your feng shui applications? Find out.

Christmas Feng Shui Gifts
Choosing a gift with good feng shui for someone you love just got easier! We spent hours looking for those perfect and meaningful Christmas gifts with good energy.

Use of Tortoise Symbol in Feng Shui
There are several feng shui rules, or guidelines, when placing a tortoise as a feng shui cure in your home, your garden, or your office.

Feng Shui Use of Mirrors as Cure for Good Energy
Why are mirrors called the aspirin of feng shui? And how can you place them in your home for best feng shui?

Use of Fountains for Good Feng Shui
Feng Shui fountains come in all shapes and sizes as one of the most popular feng shui cures.

Which Feng Shui Cures Do YOU Like?
From windchimes and colors to the feng shui use of art, crystals and more, which feng shui cures do you like?

Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra for Your Home?
There are certainly many similarities in both feng shui and vastu shastra, after all, both systems are based on the knowledge of the flow of Universal energy called Chi in Chinese culture and Prana in Hindu.

Is the Chinese Wealth Ship a Good Feng Shui Cure for Money?
Find out how to use the popular Chinese feng shui money cure - the wealth ship - to attract more abundance with feng shui. Choose best money cures for your home or office, place them for best feng shui and enjoy the results!

Feng Shui Classical BTB/Western?
Explore the more transcendental, or invisible to human eye feng shui cures that are popular in the BTB / Western schools of feng shui.

Feng Shui 3 Secrets Reinforcement
Are you a feng shui enthusiast curious about the three secrets reinforcement - a popular BTB feng shui school transcendental adjustment? Find all about it here!

Feng Shui Sun Moon Mirror Cure Meditation
The BTB feng shui school has many transcendental feng shui cures, or adjustments. The Sun Moon Mirror feng shui adjustment is among the most popular ones, find out all about it here.

Sun Moon Mirror Feng Shui Cure Use
Explore the various uses of the Sun Moon Mirror transcendental feng shui cure - from protection to strengthening a specific bagua area in your home or office.

Birthstones List - Find Your Birthstone!
Find your birthstone by month, year and day of the week. Our birthstone list also includes tips for wearing your stones, as well as alternative birthstones if you cannot find your main birthstone.

Birthstones by Month and Astrological Sign
Our birthstones chart allows you to find your birthstone by month, as well as by astrological sign. Go ahead and find your birthstone now!

Feng Shui Lucky Charms for All Chinese Zodiac Signs
Find your 2014 feng shui lucky charms based on your Chinese zodiac sign. The chart also includes your birthstone and the overall lucky charms for your sign.

birthstone lucky stone chinese zodiac
Birthstones are also used in the Chinese zodiac system; they are most often called lucky stones than birthstones. Here's the chart of all Chinese zodiac birthstones, or lucky stones; find yours!

ruby gemstone meaning properties
Fascinated with the majestic ruby? Ruby was called the "king of precious stones", find out why and explore the properties and meaning of ruby stone.

feng shui annual cures energize cleanse
Should you discard or reuse your annual feng shui cures? How do you know when to keep a feng shui cure and when to let it go? Find out!

Energize Your Feng Shui Cures
Learn to activate your feng shui cures - both the annual feng shui cures you are reusing this year, as well as the newly purchased feng shui cures.

how to cleanse energize feng shui cures
It is important to cleanse and energize your feng shui cures, especially your annual feng shui cures. Here's how to cleanse and energize any feng shui cure.

Amber Stone Jewellery Meaning Properties
Amber was used for healing, protection and good luck since ancent times. Explore the fascinating world of amber gemstone, its uses, meaning and properties.

Feng Shui Colours Fire Element
Did you know that you can bring the feng shui energy of fire element into your home or office with several colours other than red? Choose your favorite and be sure your home benefits from fire feng shui colors!

8 Gemstones Feng Shui Jewelry meaning
If you are ready to splurge, here is all the info you need to choose the best gemstone jewelry for your energy - find out all about the meaning, energy properties and feng shui use of the 8 most beautiful precious gemstones.

blue color feng shui crystals stones
Explore the most beautiful blue color feng shui crystals and stones - from the happy turquoise to the mysterious lapis lazuli. Use them in good feng shui jewelry or bring them into your home decor.

green color feng shui crystals stones
Explore green color crystals and stones and see which one you feel attracted to the most! Be it in good feng shui jewellery or feng shui carvings, be sure you have green color stones in your home.

brown color feng shui crystals stones
Explore brown color feng shui crystals and stones and be sure to bring at least a couple of them into your home and office,

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