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Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra: COLORS

Use of color in your home according to feng shui and vastu shastra


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Color is one of the strongest expressions of energy and as such, is a powerful tool in creating the mood, or the energy you desire.

In feng shui, color is considered an excellent feng shui cure and is used according to the five elements theory. For example, if you need the water element in your North facing study, you would consider adding blue, the color of the water element of the North.

You will add coral red in the South bathroom for the fire element of the South or spring green accents in an East facing living room for the wood element of the East. Colors are also chosen in feng shui according to the birth elements of people who live in the house.

Vastu shastra has a similar complex approach to the choice of color. However, the color correspondence for various directions is different. Color is chosen according to the ruling planet of the specific direction, not its element. So, if you want to paint a room in the Southeast of your home, for example, you will choose the silver white color of the ruling planet of the Southeast direction, which is Venus.

Color is also advised in vastu shastra according to the zodiac sign of the inhabitants. So, for example, if you are a Gemini, green colors will be best for your energy, and if you are an Aquarius then pink and blue will be your best choices.

As you can see, both feng shui and vastu shastra have similar approach in the reasoning behind the choice of colors. The direction of the specific space is the number one criteria and the personal energy of humans who live in the space is the other criteria.

Below are some feng shui tips and info to help you choose best colors for your home:

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