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Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra: FRONT DOOR

How similar are the front door guidelines in feng shui and vastu shastra?


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The design of the front door is very important in both feng shui and vastu shastra , as it is through the main door that the dwelling absorbs most of its Chi, or Universal energy nourishment.

Since ancient times the most auspicious direction for the front door - according to traditional feng shui - was considered to be South. This is why red color is often admired as the best feng shui color for the main door, as red is the color of the South fire element.

In vastu shastra, North and East are considered to be the best directions. According to vastu shastra consultants, in order to find the best location for the front door, divide the house into nine parts and place the door in the fourth section of the house.

Even though the info on the best directions for the front door is contradictory (some of it can be explained by different topographic conditions in China and India), both feng shui and vastu shastra agree on what creates a good energy front door.

  • No obstructions in front of the door
  • No direct doors alignment
  • No rusty hardware, peeling off paint, etc
  • No wall facing the front door upon entry
  • No bathroom over the front door
  • A door on the same, or higher level than the street level, etc.
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