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Feng Shui Home: the Many Faces of Buddha

Buddha Presence Brings Serene and Peaceful Energy into Your Home.


When you have a busy, hectic lifestyle - which is the expression of yang feng shui energy - it is very important to focus on creating a peaceful quality of energy in your home. And what can create a more peaceful, calm and contemplative energy that the presence of Buddha?

Calm energy in your home will bring a sense of balance into your life, as the calm yin energy will complement and balance the active yang energy of your lifestyle. Why would you want a good yin-yang balance in your home and in your life? Because a balanced energy in your home is the key to good health and well-being.

Explore our feng shui selection of Buddha decor elements - from sculptures to art posters - and see which one works best with your Bagua and your home decor.
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Peaceful Zen Buddha Sculpture: Calming Feng Shui Water Energy for Your HomeSleeping Buddha Statue: Energy of Peace, Calm, Serenity and SimplicityBuddha on Lotus Base: Centering, Deeply Spiritual, Calming EnergyFeng Shui Garden Buddha - Create Calming Energy Outside Your Home
Natural Wood Carved Buddha Panel: Reassuring and Calming PresenceBuddha Candle & Incense Burner: Light a Candle & Light the IncenseBlue Traveler Buddha is Lighting Your Path with Wisdom and AbundanceBuddha Head and Stand: Look Withing and Focus on Your Path
Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Small Statues: Celebration, Joy and Abundance EnergyHappy Buddha (Hotei) - Good Luck and Abundance Feng Shui EnergyBuddha Art Poster: A Blessing Energy for Your HomeHand of Buddha Art Poster: Vibrant and Calm Energy
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