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Feng Shui Colors - Use Color Purple for Good Feng Shui

In feng shui, purple color belongs to the feng shui fire element


Feng Shui Color Purple Tips

Feng Shui Colors - In Feng Shui, Purple Color belongs to Feng Shui Fire Element

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In your feng shui color applications, color purple should be used with moderation. It is a very strong, high vibration color, the color of connection to the spiritual realms (7th chakra.)

Feng shui-wise, it is not recommended as a wall color for a home. Many feng shui masters believe that color purple on the wall (or an overwhelming amount of it in any feng shui decor applications) may trigger blood disease. True or not, color purple is a very high vibration color and the feng shui advice is to use it sparingly.

The only feng shui spaces purple color can be used freely are a healing room or a meditation space.

Use in moderation throughout your home or go for much lighter color tones, like lavender. Limit the purple color in the feng shui bagua areas of East and Southeast areas, as well as the West.

An excellent way to bring the royal purple in your environment is with Amethyst, one of the most powerful feng shui crystals.

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