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Christmas Feng Shui Holiday Gifts List

Give the best energy for Christmas


Choosing a gift with good feng shui for someone you love (or for yourself!) just got easier. We spent hours looking for practical and beautiful Christmas gifts with good energy, so you can relax, have a cup of hot chocolate, and easily order the gifts you like the most.

Red Color Fondue Set

Image: Home Click
It goes without words: this fondue set looks stunning and will attract happy crowds and lively conversations. We like everything about it - the vibrant red color, the smooth design, as well as its future placement in a happy and good feng shui kitchen!
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Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

Image: Teleflora
Feng shui lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures, as well as a beautiful addition to any home. This vibrant green lucky bamboo is well-designed and ready to be placed anywhere in the home - even in the bathroom - to bring a sense of peace, tranquility and some good luck, too!
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Buddha Hand Candle Holder

You might have a busy lifestyle with not much time for meditation or yoga, but you can always find some time to light a candle and enjoy the presence of this blessing Buddha hand. The beautiful gold and red colors make it a perfect gift for Christmas and the price is under $20.
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Keep Calm and Carry On (in Red)

(c) Amazon.com
This poster has an excellent message to keep in mind all year round. Keep calm and carry on; hard to think of a better advice than that. You can buy this poster in almost any colour - from yellow to blue - but we liked this beautiful red the most. Energizing and calming at the same time - excellent feng shui!
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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

(c) target
The benefits of the Himalayan crystal salt lamp are not a secret anymore. This natural wonder releases the much needed negative ions into the air, thus creating a healing energy for your and your home. Add to it the beautiful warm glow and the organic shapes, and this lamp becomes an excellent Christmas gift for anyone on your list.
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Red Candle Holder

Image: Iittala
The thick, mineral rich glass of this European candleholder, as well as its simple, elegant presence made it a must for our Christmas gifts list. The brilliant red color of this candleholder will create great energy in your home, and the high quality will assure its long life. Just keep it away from your kids. Or dogs. And cats, too. Ok, keep it away from kids, dogs, cats, and anybody else who might misuse this stunning candleholder, and you will sure enjoy its beauty for many years to come.
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Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Image: Mother Nature
The daily use of essential oils is excellent feng shui. You can use essential oils for various purposes - from purifying to relaxing, from energizing to creating a very sensual mood - and there is no easier way to diffuse oils into the air than with an electrical diffuser. You can even go for an aromatherapy car diffuser! No matter which one you choose, be sure this is an excellent investment into one's health and well-being.
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Classical Chinese Feng Shui Gifts

(c) efavormart
If you are looking for more traditional Chinese feng shui gifts, we have them, too! From Jade Buddha to Money Tree, from Chinese Coins to Turtles, Dragons, Fu Dogs, Crystal Trees and Lucky Red Envelopes - choose the feng shui gift that is right for you.

Thai Silk Pillows

We loved the olive green color of this handmade silk pillow, as well as the cute Chinese coin tassel! Go for a different shade of green this Christmas and bring a sense of luxury, understated elegance plus a little feng shui helping energy for abundance. It never hurts to attract some abundance, does it?
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Table Lamp in Black Finish with Red Fabric Shade

Image: Meyda
We say go for two of them and then head straight into your bedroom. With a dramatic red and black colour combination, a sensual design and a good balance of yin yang (male-female) energies, you can see how Christmas time is an excellent excuse to justify this new purchase and bring some strong passion into your bedroom.
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Royal Red Satin Sheets

(c) Amazon

Speaking of bedrooms and the energy of passion, we decided to also include this Royal Opulence bed sheet set. Don't you think any couple will benefit from it? The vital feng shui energy of fire feng shui element is missing in many bedrooms, and this luxurious satin sheet set will sure bring some fire into your bedroom.


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