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Good Feng Shui for Your Home - Wall Murals

You can bring great energy into your home with these high quality wall murals.


Need some energy pick-up in a small office? Or maybe a soothing nature scene for a chaotic entryway? There are many ways to bring great feng shui energy into your home; the use of powerful images being the easiest way to shift the energy of a space.

We made a list of beautiful wall murals to help you bring good, uplifting energy into the challenging areas of your home or office. Which one will make it to your home?

Manhattan Lights Wall Mural

Image: Environmental Graphics
Great feeling in a room is a sign of its great feng shui. Doesn't this wall mural feel just fantastic? You can create a beautiful window view in your living room with this very realistic Manhattan Lights Wall Mural. And if you dim the lights and serve some wine, I bet your guests will keep admiring the view from your window! Great feng shui for any area, especially the North of your space.
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Oxygen Wall Mural

Image: Target
This is a stunning image that will bring a very special healing energy to any place. The sunlight caressing the gentle green of the leaves brings a very healing presence to any space. The Oxygen wall mural will work best in an open, uncluttered space. The feng shui "young tree" energy of this beautiful wall mural is best in the East or Southeast areas of your home.
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Beach Wall Mural

Image: Environmental Graphics
There is no need for words here. Really. Can you feel the fresh air breeze and the warmth of sand as you look into this calming blue mural? Just one word: R-e-l-a-x. You so deserve it. Great feng shui energy for any area except the South and Southwest of your space.
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Merian Wall Mural

Image: Target
Happy, playful, and care-free, this mural brings the energy of a never-ending summer into your space. Notice the smart color selection - it will look great all year round. Feng Shui-wise, think of a South, Southeast or West wall. Don't you feel happy just by looking at it? I can even inhale the scent of summer...
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Country Way Wall Mural

Image: Illusions Photo Wall
The Country Way mural not only brings an abundant and healthy Wood feng shui element into your space, it also brings depth and an energy opening. Have a wall that is blocking the Chi flow or a wall that makes the room feel too small? This wall mural comes as an excellent feng shui solution to expand the space and bring life to it. Excellent for any feng shui area except the North. Do not have it on the wall behind your back in the office. Take a deep breath and start your journey!
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Ellowa Falls Wall Mural

Image: Komar
Any wall in the East or Southeast feng shui areas of your home or office will greatly benefit from the energy in this mural. Lush greenery plus a waterfall makes for excellent feng shui! Only three feng shui restrictions with this image. Do not place it in the South area, do not place it in your bedroom, and do not place it behind your back in the office. Otherwise, go for it!
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