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Top 10 Feng Shui Fountains Under 100 Dollars

Bring the feng shui energy of health and wealth with feng shui fountains.


Feng Shui fountains are among the most popular feng shui products and come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of feng shui fountains are many - there are indoors and outdoors feng shui fountains, tabletop, free standing, wall-mounted, and more.

Does your home have a fountain? We searched for the best feng shui fountains for you, and they are all under $100.

Go ahead and let your home enjoy a fountain or two, after all, you will be the one benefiting from its energy!

* Please note some of the selected fountains might be temporarily sold out.

1. Encore Water Bell Fountain

Photo: (c) Woodstock Chimes
This beautiful fountain is an all-time feng shui favourite and can be used both in your home and in your garden. The Water Bell fountain combines the soft sound of the free flowing chime bells with the soothing water energy creating a very peaceful and sweet energy indeed! Made by Woodstock Chimes, the "Master Chimer"! Need we say more?
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2. Ceramic Mushroom Fountain

Ceramic Mushroom Fountain
Photo: (c) Woodstock Chimes

The simple and harmonious design of this fountain make it an excellent addition for a child's room, or for a busy office. The fountain looks and feels fresh and it has the energy of renewal and gentle growth. The choice of design and color make this fountain easy to use in almost any room in your home, except for the bedroom, of course!

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3. Ceramic Fountain

Ceramic Fountain
Photo: (c) Alpine

This beautiful ceramic fountain needs a lot of breathing room, so it will not be suitable for a small space. Ideal in the center of a home, this ceramic fountain can be used with essential oils to further refresh the energy of any given space.

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4. Bocce Indoor Fountain

Photo: (c) Kenroy Home

The clean, simple design of this fountain makes it look great in both home and office environment. Go for two or three spheres, as well as for any of the several available sizes.  This fountain can be an excellent feng shui cure for the North or the Southeast areas of your home or office.

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5. Buddha Tabletop Fountain

Buddha Tabletop Fountain
Photo: (c) NetGift

The laughing Buddha presence in this fountain comes to bless the space with some happy, cheerful vibrations. This fountain is good for any feng shui area, but especially for East (Health and Family) and Southeast (Wealth and Abundance.) Keep the water running smooth and clear to assure the blessings of the laughing Buddha continuosly flowing!

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6. Small Ball Shape Water Fountain

Small Ball Shape Water Fountain
Photo: (c) WGC

This little fountain charmed us with its soft and simple presence. The combination of natural rocks, textured clay and bronze color, as well as the overall shape of the fountain, create a very balanced and light energy. This modest gem is excellent for the West feng shui area, as well as for any small space that can benefit from the soothing water energy. And did we mention it is priced under $20?

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7. Ceramic Kettle Fountain

Ceramic Kettle Fountain
Photo: (c) Fountain Crafters

The soothing design, sleek black color and the nourishing energy of this fountain enchanted us. The added bonus with this fountain is that you can also use essential oils in it. Excellent for the North or Southeast areas of your space. Also excellent close to your main entry, unless your main door is a South-facing door.

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8. Bamboo Water Fountain

Bamboo and Rock Table Top Fountain
Photo: (c) Alpine

The feng shui elements of Wood (bamboo) and Earth (rocks) combined with the round (Metal element) shape of the fountain base create a soothing, but also gentle and vibrant energy. This fountain feels like a window into a Zen garden - tranquil, balanced and serene. Excellent for the East or Southeast feng shui areas of a home.

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9. Rock Garden Tabletop Fountain

Rock Garden Tabletop Fountain
Photo: (c) Lighting by Gregory

This rock garden fountain has a strong Earth element feng shui energy, which makes it a perfect feng shui cure to compliment the mountain energy of the NE area of your home. Sculptural beauty, a sense of unity between the members of a group and a soft light in the center - this fountain is quite unique, indeed.

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10. Heart Shape Love Fountain

Heart Shape Love Fountain
Photo: (c) Delight Trading

This heart shaped fountain is an obvious candidate for a feng shui love and marriage cure and the best placement is, of course, the Southwest feng shui area. However, because the fountain has a strong Metal element presence, you will need to bring more Earth and Fire elements to make it effective as a cure. You can easily do that with some natural rocks (maybe even add some rose quartz!), as well as a couple of candles near the fountain.

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