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Why Are the Dragon & Phoenix Used for A Harmonious Marriage?


Why Are the Dragon & Phoenix Used for A Harmonious Marriage?

The dragon and phoenix couple is a Chinese symbol for good luck and harmonious marriage. Because all traditional feng shui symbols are based on Chinese folklore, the dragon & phoenix duo became one of the most popular classical feng shui cures for love.

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Question: Why Are the Dragon & Phoenix Used for A Harmonious Marriage?
I was told by a feng shui consultant to use the dragon & phoenix to make my marriage happy and harmonious. Why do I have to use the dragon & phoenix and how can they actually help my marriage? Thank you.
Answer: The dragon & phoenix pair is a classical feng shui cure for keeping (or attracting) the energy of harmonious communication in a marriage. So, the feng shui consultant gave you a good suggestion. However, is the dragon & phoenix couple the only feng shui cure for love and marriage? Certainly not.

Before we explore the variety of feng shui love cures, let's first look into the meaning and the energy brought into your home by the dragon & phoenix couple.

The energy of the dragon is considered very powerful in traditional feng shui, and almost all classical feng shui applications (especially office and business feng shui) involve decorating with the dragon symbol in one way or another.

The dragon is the most powerful and majestic creature in Chinese folklore, thus much revered by the followers of classical, or traditional feng shui schools. Power, indisputable authority and fearsome majesty are mostly masculine (yang) qualities, and the dragon is the true Yang part of the Yin-Yang energy of the dragon and phoenix couple.

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Please note that dragon energy associations are not the same in other cultures, so you have to be mindful of your own conscious (or unconscious) impressions about the dragon energy in order to decide if this is the best cure for you and your home.

The symbol of the phoenix, on the other hand, seems to evoke the same energy across a multitude of cultures, with always the same meaning - the power of rebirth and deep transformation. The phoenix is the queen of all bird symbols in feng shui, the most revered one. In Chinese folklore, the mythical phoenix is also attributed the qualities of beauty, inspiration and genuine grace (feminine, yin qualities), so the phoenix is the perfect Yin counterpart to the Yang energy of the dragon.

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Because a harmonious marriage is a balanced partnership were both husband and wife can fully express their unique energies, the yin yang energy of the dragon & phoenix couple came to be a feng shui symbol of good luck and harmony in marriage. In most representations, the dragon & the phoenix form a dance, or a circle of two energies that resembles the yin yang symbol.

Historically, there are many specific elements that add to the power and the good luck associations of the dragon & phoenix symbol in Chinese culture. This couple is the most powerful motif in all Chinese imperial designs, and is still one of the most popular elements in Chinese clothing, jewelry and many home decor accessories.

As both the dragon & the phoenix are mythical creatures, they can be represented in slightly different ways, depending on artists' vision, as well as specific associations. For the feng shui use, one can choose a sculpture of the pair or a painting/illustration.

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The best way to place the dragon & phoenix as a feng shui love cure is in the Love & Marriage area of the home bagua (the Southwest area if you follow the classical feng shui school).

You can also choose to display the pair in your lucky direction for love (which is calculated based on your date of birth). Two other popular classical Chinese feng shui love cures - after the Dragon & Phoenix couple - are the Double Happiness sign and the Mandarin Ducks.

No matter which feng shui love cure you choose for your home, be sure its energy truly represents to you the idea of a happy, harmonious marriage. Do not choose a feng shui cure because you were told to, but only because you truly want to.


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