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Can I Use Double Happiness Sign as Love Feng Shui Cure?


feng shui love cure chinese double happiness sign

The Chinese double happiness sign is a popular feng shui cure for love. It is widely used in jewelry, home decor items, textiles and various feng shui ornaments.

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Question: Can I Use Double Happiness Sign as Love Feng Shui Cure?
A feng shui enthusiast friend of mine told me about the Chinese double happiness sign; she said it is a good feng shui cure for love. I am looking for a love relationship and am willing to try any feng shui cures that work. What is the Chinese double happiness sign and will it work for me? Or, is there a better feng shui love cure?
Answer: Yes, the Chinese double happiness sign is a popular and beautiful feng shui cure. When you look at this calligraphy symbol, you can clearly distinguish two identical figures holding hands.

There is perfect symmetry, flow and balance in the Chinese double happiness sign, which speak of the possibility of a lasting harmonious energy in a love relationship.

It is a "must-have" calligraphy symbol at any traditional Chinese wedding, as well as a popular feng shui love cure. The double happiness sign is also widely used in jewelry, various embroideries, home decor ornaments, etc.

Will this Chinese symbol work for you as a potent feng shui love cure? It is only up to you to decide. There are endless feng shui love cures with strong energy, and the main criteria is your connection to the specific symbol, item or decor object.
Basically, the selection process comes down to your connection to the potential feng shui love cure. Does it evoke the energy of love for you? Do you like it? If you do, then sure go for it.

However, if your choice is based on basic facts, and not on a genuine liking of this symbol, then it is best to go for a feng shui cure that really evokes the energy of love every time you look at it.

Explore our selection of popular feng shui symbols, from flowers to birds and butterflies, as well as our feng shui love shop, and choose symbols that really speak to your heart. Most feng shui cures, and especially the feng shui cures for love, are only as powerful as the connection you feel to them.

If you feel the energy of love every time you look at your chosen feng shui love cure, be it art depicting modern lovers or two crystal mandarin ducks, then you know you have made the right choice of feng shui love cure for your home.

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