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Feng Shui Tips for A Bathroom Door Facing the Front Door

5 feng shui tips to remedy the situation of these two facing doors


feng shui bathroom door front door tips

You can easily remedy the bad feng shui of a bathroom door facing the front door by applying these five feng shui tips. However, you also have to take care of the good feng shui energy in your main entry daily.

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In the process of creating good feng shui energy in your home, you might be discovering many areas that create questionable feng shui in your house. This might be a bathroom above the bedroom, a kitchen door facing the bathroom door, or a staircase facing the front door.

This feng shui site, as well as the feng shui forum, are here to help you deal with all the possible feng shui house challenges in an easy and practical way. No matter what feng shui tips you are looking for, just type your query in the Search box of our feng shui site and - Voila! - help is there for you.

In this article we are addressing the concern with the bad feng shui of a bathroom door facing the front door directly.

The reason a bathroom door facing the main door is considered bad feng shui is simple: the Universal energy, or Chi, comes into the house through the front door. If your bathroom is facing the front door, most of the good energy will easily escape through the bathroom, leaving little or no good feng shui energy to nourish the house.

Is it possible to improve the feng shui of a house with a bathroom door facing the front door? Yes, it is. Here are some practical feng shui tips to help you take care of this potentially bad feng shui situation.

  1. Always Keep the Bathroom Door Closed. Even though this is a general feng shui tip that always applies to bathrooms, no matter where in your house they are located; it is a very important one to apply when the bathroom door is facing the front door. For a good flow of Chi throughout your house, you have to be sure the energy does not escape through the bathroom.

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  2. Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom. You need to have good feng shui in all areas of your house, especially in the areas that are considered to be challenging, such as the laundry room, the closets or the garage.

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  3. Focus on Good Feng Shui in Your Main Entry. The stronger, more nourishing the feng shui energy in your main entry, the less chances are that your house will lose energy through a bathroom facing the front door. Always be aware of the quality of Chi, or feng shui energy in your main entry and do your best to keep it fresh and strong.

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  4. Create A Strong Focal Point. Having a strong feng shui focal point close to the main entry will guide the energy away from the bathroom door and into the areas that you want the energy to go to in order to nourish the house. Locate a wall in between the bathroom and the next area of the house and use a beautiful wall color, art of lush plants to attract and guide the energy further.

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  5. Strengthen the Bagua Areas of Your Main Entry, as well as Your Bathroom. When you strengthen a specific bagua area of your home, the energy of the whole home benefits from it. This applies especially to the so-called challenging areas of a home, such as a bathroom, laundry room, basement or garage. If you leave these areas without any feng shui attention you are doing a disservice to your house. By ignoring a challenging feng shui area, you are making it worse.

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As you can see, it is not that difficult to take care of this challenging feng shui situation. All you have to do is apply the tips, then make a habit of thinking "good feng shui" in your main entry every day!

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