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Are there Good Feng Shui Tips for A Bed Above the Kitchen Stove?


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The challenging feng shui of a bed above the kitchen stove can be easily improved just by changing the positioning of your bed. If you have a big enough bedroom, there should be at least two more choices to place your bed with good feng shui in mind.

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Question: Are there Good Feng Shui Tips for A Bed Above the Kitchen Stove?
I have heard it is bad feng shui to have a bed above the kitchen. Our bedroom is located above the kitchen and our bed it right above the kitchen stove. Is this really bad feng shui? Are there good feng shui tips to remedy this situation?
Answer: Yes, the feng shui information you have heard is correct; a bed located above the kitchen stove is not good feng shui. Because in feng shui everything is viewed as energy, we always try to find the best location and placement for your bed, as the energy of your bed is deeply connected to your health and well-being.

The reason a bed above the kitchen stove is considered bad feng shui is because the energy of fire created by the stove is disturbing to the energy you need close to your bed.

A good feng shui bed has plenty of nourishing energy around it - vibrant enough to sustain a healing sensual energy, as well relaxing enough to promote restful sleep.

What can you do to improve the feng shui of a bed above the kitchen stove? Here are some easy feng shui tips:
  • Move the bed. Do not be afraid to experiment and find a new position for your bed. Check the feng shui guidelines for bed and bedroom and see what other options, other than the present one, you have in your bedroom.

  • Strengthen the foundation of your bed. You will need to use the Earth feng shui element in order to neutralize the fire energy from the kitchen stove. Use chocolate and earthy colors in the rug under your bed, as well as in the color of bed linens and pillows.

  • Use a small mirror to calm the fire energy. A feng shui cure often recommended in this case is to place a small round mirror underneath the bed, with the mirror side down. What this can do, on a feng shui energy level, is bring a bit of water to cool down the fire energy from the stove so that it does not disturb your bed.
Most importantly, be sure to take very good care of the feng shui energy in both your bedroom, as well as your kitchen. Keeping the feng shui energy fresh and flowing can aleviate even the worst feng shui concerns.

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