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Good Feng Shui Bed and Bedroom Photos


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A Balanced Feng Shui Bed in A Masculine Energy Bedroom
Siri Stafford / Getty Images
What makes this bed and bedroom a good feng shui bed and bedroom?
Here's why we consider this bed and bedroom a good feng shui bed and bedroom. Note that the bedroom has a distinctive masculine energy, a very symmetrical and structured energy.
  • An Impeccably Balanced Bed. Balance is always good in the bedroom, and this specific bedroom creates an almost mirror-like reflection of each side: identical light fixtures, night stands, etc.

  • Stable, Wide Headboard. The stability and width of the headboard is emphasized by the wood paneling behind it, very good feng shui, excellent backing and support.

  • Good Feng Shui Colors. Best feng shui colors for a bedroom are the so-called skin colors, and you know that skin colors vary from pale white to deep chocolate tones.
Is there anything we would like to add to the feng shui of this bedroom? Yes, definitely. Little details to bring more feminine (yin) energy by adding soft elements, such as a small bouquet of flowers, or a fabric in an unexpected free-flow pattern will create more softness and feminine flow in this bedroom.

Layering the bedding by adding a throw or a blanket at the end of the bed will create more strength and protection for the bed. Adding Fire and Earth feng shui decor elements will balance the strong Wood and Metal elements present in this bedroom.

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