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Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors
Photo: (c) Lotus Head
What makes this bed and bedroom a good feng shui bed and bedroom?
This bedroom photo shows perfectly the colors considered best feng shui for a bedroom. A warm feeling of cocooning, nourishment and earthy sensuality is created by the deep chocolate tones of the bedding as contrasted by the pure white of the pillows & sheets and soft vanilla color of the fabric behind the bed.

The wall paint color is also of the earth feng shui element, and so are the base of the lamp and the headboard fabric color.

Any feng shui touches you would add to this bedroom? We feel content just by looking at it, and imagining a wood fireplace doing its magic on a cold winter night. On a second thought, a choice of good feng shui bedroom art will sure enliven this bedroom and bring a more vibrant quality of energy.

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