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Feng Shui for Business - Apply Feng Shui Tips for Success in Business

Here you will find feng shui tips to help you grow a successful business, read business feng shui case studies and explore feng shui applications in industries such as retail, health, beauty and others.

Feng Shui Tips for Business Logo Design: Introduction
In business, feng shui is applied for a good flow in the office in order to strengthen the well-being of the employees, as well as in order to attract more business success. While these are the most popular feng shui applications, there is another area where feng shui can help create best results - in the design of business logo, business cards, the signage and other marketing materials.

Define the Feng Shui Element Category of a Business
The first step in defining best colors and shapes for your business logo is to define the feng shui element category of your business. The table below gives you a basic understanding on how businesses are categorized by feng shui element according to their main energy.

Feng Shui of Business Logo Colors
I am opening a new business, a gift shop with handmade items from around the world. My business logo is a love heart which is wrapped in a bow. I read that purple and silver are lucky feng shui business colours, is that true? What colours are best feng shui for my business logo?

Retail Feng Shui Tips
When it comes to retail, the right application of feng shui can bring quick and immediate results.

Feng Shui Position - About Feng Shui Commanding Position
Feng Shui Position - About Feng Shui Commanding Position

Feng Shui for a Health Club
After all, "working out" not only sounds like work, it actually IS work! Nobody really gets excited with the perspective of doing more work on a regular basis.

Applying Feng Shui in Business
Read about three Canadian business owners applying feng shui for their business success.

Remove Blockages with Feng Shui
If you are facing a wall in your workspace all day long, your energy is restricted and blocked. Look for practical feng shui solutions.

Feng Shui for Business
To the majority of Asians, as well as an increasing number of Westerners, feng shui is essential in the art of business management. Donald Trump, Orange, The Body Shop, Swiss Stock Exchange, Esprit, etc are just a few names that use feng shui advice. Here are some basic Feng Shui tips for your business and office.

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