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Feng Shui Tips for Business Logo Design: Signage Directions and Measurements

Good directions and feng shui measurements in the design of business logo


feng shui tips signage design
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If you want to apply feng shui in a project that includes the business signage design, there are many additional elements that come into play while considering its good feng shui.

At this stage you most probably have already chosen your logo; so the colors, shapes or symbols, as well as your business name, are all waiting to be expressed in a congruent way in your business signage.

There will be many choices to be made, from the size and shape of your signage to the feng shui direction it will be facing, as well as the most durable, but also attractive materials.

Many feng shui consultants use special measuring tapes that indicate auspiCious measurements for any project, be it designing a coffee table or a business signage. If you do not have access to this info, no need to worry. Just be sure that your business signage has an abundant energy that works harmoniously with the outside presence of your business.

The other important feng shui criteria is the direction of the business signage according to its harmonious feng shui elements. From studying the feng shui bagua, you know that each direction has a specific feng shui element that needs to be nourished and protected.

So, for example, you would do best not to place a fiery red (fire feng shui element) business logo / signage on the east side of your business space, as this will tend to create a damaging effect or bring the energy of conflict.

Just a quick note to conclude our feng shui business logo design and other marketing materials exploration. While you are ordering marketing merchandise, such as pens, t-shirts and what-not, please avoid the option of a doormat with your business name. I am not kidding here, as I have seen this way too often, especially in small businesses.

Please do not have your name on the floor so that everybody can wipe their feet on it while coming in. It is the worst feng shui move one can do for his or her business. Always have the business name and signage up in a very respectful, high place, not on the floor for people to walk all over it.

We hope this 5-part article on the basics of feng shui for business logo design gave you some food for thought. If you have any questions, please be sure to post them at our feng shui forum.

Here are the good feng shui directions for business signage as expressed by the predominant feng shui element of the business logo / signage. Good luck!

Directions for Business Signage In Harmony with Feng Shui Elements

FIRESouth, Southwest, Center

EARTHSouthwest, Northwest, West, Northeast, Center, East, Southeast

METALNorthwest, West, North

WATERNorth, East, Southeast

WOODEast, Southeast, South

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