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Use Feng Shui To Un-Stuck Your Career

Easy feng shui tips to get your career energy moving


feng shui un-stuck your career

When you feel stuck in your career, use feng shui at home and in the office. Simple feng shui cures such as an optimum desk placement, appropriate feng shui decor and a good flow of Chi, or feng shui energy, will bring fresh energy to your career.

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If you feel stuck in your career and need a boost of fresh, vibrant energy, feng shui can always help. There is a wide variety of tips in feng shui - from office feng shui to bedroom feng shui, so be sure there is a remedy to help you out.

Check your home and office space for its feng shui; start by checking the flow of Chi, or energy. Next, get ready to move some furniture and do some re-decorating!

Here are some easy feng shui tips to boost your career energy:

  • If possible, arrange your desk in the feng shui commanding position and see if you can face one of your lucky feng shui directions.

  • Find the North area of your office space and see if you can decorate it with one or more of the following:
    • the map of the world
    • a mirror in metal frame
    • black and white photos of people whose career and energy you admire.


  • Be sure to take good care of your personal energy and raise it by applying smart feng shui health tips.

In feng shui, everything is viewed as being interconnected. So, if the energy feels stuck in your career, you have to make sure the energy is not stuck in your home. Clear out your clutter, clean the closets, be sure your main door is working properly, etc.

Open the flow of energy in and around your home, refresh it and you will start seeing results. It might be renewed energy levels to apply to your existing job, or it might be a certain level of clarity that you are ready to move on and find a new job.

No matter which decision you decide to make, always be sure to take good care of your personal energy - at home and at work - and everything else will fall into place.


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