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Good Feng Shui for the METAL Feng Shui Birth Element

Use feng shui tips to create a healthy home for a metal feng shui element person


If your birth feng shui element is Metal - check the feng shui chart - you can apply easy feng shui tips to create a nourishing feng shui home (read tips below)
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Use smart feng shui tips to create a harmonious home for a Metal feng shui element person.
Metal feng shui element people are usually calm, focused and very precise in their energy expression. They are the ones you can fully rely on in taking care of all the details in any given job or project.

The type of house that a Metal feng shui element person needs is a fresh, clutter-free and open space. However, be sure that the home also has a lot of warmth in it, otherwise the energy of a Metal element person can become too rigid.

Here is an outline of a good feng shui home for a Metal element person:

Best Decor Colors: All sandy and earthy colors (Earth) and white and gray (Metal).

Decor Colors To Minimize: Red, orange, purple, strong yellow, magenta and pink (Fire), as well as blue and black (Water).

Decor Items To Emphasize: Metal features (e.g. metal staircase or sculptures), decor items made from metal (art or photo frames), as well earthenware decor, crystals, rocks and earth related images.

Decor Items To Avoid in Excess: Fireplace in West or Northwest, use of many candles, images of fire or sunsets/sunrise.

Feng Shui Areas To Pay Strong Attention To: Northwest (Helpful People and Networking) and West (Creativity & Children).

When working on creating a harmonious home for your feng shui birth element, first be sure that the feng shui basics in your home are taken care of.

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