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Good Feng Shui for the WOOD Feng Shui Birth Element

Use feng shui tips to create a healthy home for a wood feng shui element person


If your birth feng shui element is Wood - check the feng shui chart - you can apply easy feng shui tips to create a nourishing feng shui home (read tips below).
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Use smart feng shui tips to create a harmonious home for a Wood feng shui element person.
Wood feng shui birth element people are the visionaries that can also channel their visionary energy to grow and manifest in specific projects.

A Wood feng shui element person is instinctively focused on growth, a natural and steady growth. She or he needs an appropriate feng shui home to support this growth, encourage and nurture it.

Here is an outline of a good feng shui home for a Wood element person:

Best Home Decor Colors: Green and brown (Wood) or blue and black (Water).

Decor Colors to Minimize or Avoid: Red, orange, purple, pink, magenta, strong yellow (Fire) or white and gray (Metal).

Decor Items to Emphasize: Vibrant plants or images of lush forests, meadows, etc, as well as fountains and other water features, mirrors and water art images.

Decor Items to Avoid in Excess: Big fireplace in East or Southeast, use of many candles, decorating with images of fire or sunsets/sunrise, as well as strong metal elements in decor items or house features.

Feng Shui Bagua Areas to Pay Strong Attention To: East (Health & Family) and Southeast (Money & Abundance)

When working on creating a harmonious home for your feng shui birth element, first be sure that the feng shui basics in your home are taken care of.
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