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A Home for Fire and Earth Feng Shui Elements People

Tips to create good feng shui for fire and earth birth elements combination


Creating a harmonious feng shui home for the so-called nourishing feng shui birth elements is quite easy (with some exceptions.) The Fire and Earth element combination is usually easy to work with.

The energy of the Fire feng shui element person nourishes and greatly supports the Earth element person (Fire creates Earth in the productive cycle of five elements.)

In turn, the energy of the Earth feng shui element person is strong and not overpowered by the Fire (quite different from the Wood-Fire elements), so this provides for an easy relationship to create a home for.

The best way to decorate a home for a couple with these elements is to focus on strengthening the Fire element.

You need to strengthen the Fire element, and not Earth, because Fire is the nurturing element that produces/creates the Earth element in feng shui.

By constantly nurturing, one can easily weaken or even temporarily lose the vibrancy of its own energy, so the Fire element person in this scenario needs to be supported by appropriate feng shui Fire element decor.

Be sure you have a good understanding of colors as expressions of specific feng shui elements, and popular decor items as feng shui element cures for your home.

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