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What is the Feng Shui Criteria for Window Treatments?

Choose your window treatments with the best feng shui energy in mind


feng shui of window treatments

Best feng shui window treatment for the bedroom are fabric curtains made of natural fabric (their movement adds softness to the energy of the bedroom.)

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Keeping the windows in your home clean and clear is a must for good feng shui. Treating your windows with harmonious window treatments that allow maximum natural light during the day, as well as give privacy at night, is best feng shui.

Windows are called the eyes of the home in feng shui and are related, on an energy level, to your ability to see clearly in life.

What are the good feng shui choices for your home window treatments? If you happen to dislike curtains and draperies, would mini-blinds or accordion folded shades be considered good feng shui?

First, as with any feng shui solutions, you have to be sure you improvements add to the harmonious decor look in your home rather than take away from it. Best feng shui is subtle feng shui, or feng shui that is done within the guidelines of good interior decorating solutions.

The general feng shui guidelines for window treatments are the following:
  • Made of natural fabric to contribute to healthy, good energy.

  • Feng shui color - appropriate for the room and the bagua area.

  • Feng Shui - material appropriate for the bagua area.

  • If you choose a fabric with bold pattern, be sure the shapes and patterns are apropriate for the area, too.
As for the type of window treatments, sure go with what feels right for the room, decor-wise. If you go for blinds, it is always better to go for high-quality wood ones versus plastic, for example.

Accordion folded shades might not be very good feng shui as they tend to create a sharper quality of energy during daytime when they are folded.

Best feng shui window treatment for the bedroom are fabric curtains made of natural fabric (their movement will add softness to the energy of your bedroom.)

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