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Which Feng Shui Money Tree is Best To Use as A Feng Shui Money Cure?


Money plant (Crassula ovata) Lynn Keddie/Photolibrary/Getty Images
Question: Which Feng Shui Money Tree is Best To Use as A Feng Shui Money Cure?
I am confused with the feng shui money tree, as it seems like there is several different ones. Which feng shui money tree is the right one? Which one should I use as money cure, the one with big leaves or the one with thick leaves? Thank you.
Answer: Yes, you are right, there is a common confusion in feng shui as to which plant exactly is considered the feng shui money plant.

The truth is, you can use any healthy, vibrant lush plant as a money plant, because the meaning of the symbol is in its energy.

The energy of the feng shui money tree is in its vibrant and well-rooted energy; a growing energy that you would like to see reflected in your own money.

To answer your question more specifically, here is a brief description of the commonly used feng shui money trees along with photos of each plant:
  1. Botanical name: Crassula Ovata. (Image # 1) Also known as jade tree, it is a succulent plant easy to look after. Truly does have an abundant feel to it.
    The care of the feng shui money tree: Crassula Ovata

  2. Botanical name: Pachira Aquatica. (Image # 2) A type of bonsai tree that can grow quite high. Its characteristics are several braided trunks and multi-foliage leaves.
    The care of feng shui money tree: Pachira Aquatica

  3. Feng shui product. (Image # 3) Often used in traditional feng shui applications, this cure literally has money growing on a tree. You can buy this money feng shui cure on-line, or in the Chinatown area of most major cities.
    Feng shui money tree cure in the feng shui classical gifts list
Which feng shui money tree is best used as a feng shui money cure?
The choice is up to you.

Compare Prices on Feng Shui Money Tree

Decide which one you like the most, as well as which one works best with your home decor and environment. Be sure to choose a plant that will thrive in your light conditions, rather than just barely get on.

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