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Feng Shui Glossary of Terms: from Bagua and Chi to Feng Shui Period 8

Find out the meaning of popular feng shui terms, feng shui cures and the classical feng shui historical roots of many feng shui applications.

What is Feng Shui Astrology?
I keep hearing about feng shui astrology. Is it the same as Chinese astrology? Can you please tell me what is it and how important it is in applying feng shui in my home?

What is A Feng Shui Corner?
What is the meaning of a feng shui corner? I keep reading about the importance of corners for good feng shui. Thank you!

Feng Shui Wealth - Water Star 8 Location Chart
Ready to delve deeper into more subtle layers of feng shui and activate your wealth/water feng shui star 8? Find the location of the wealth star in your very own home by using the chart below.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Feng Shui Glossary Quick Tip Sheet: from Annual Star to Wealth Vase
What is a feng shui lucky direction? What is the meaning of water flow in feng shui? Do you understand the compass directions? How about the meaning of poison arrows and feng shui oven mouth? Here comes a quick and easy feng shui glossary tip sheet: all you ever wanted to know about the most popular terms used in feng shui applications, from...

What is a Feng Shui Kua Number?
According to one of the feng shui schools called Flying Stars, there are two feng shui "energy" groups: East and West group. You will be either one or the other according to your feng shui Kua number.

What is Period 8 Feng Shui?
Feng shui period is a term used in the flying star school of feng shui (called San Yuan) to define the movement of lucky energies. Flying star is a feng shui school that deals with the time factor. Each time period in feng shui lasts for 20 years.

Bagua: The Feng Shui Energy Map of Your Space
Bagua (Ba-gua) is one of the main feng shui tools used to analyze the feng shui energy of any given space. Translated from Chinese, Bagua literally means "8 areas." Below is the summary of the classical feng shui school Bagua. In order to define your Bagua, you will need to take the compass reading of your home first.

What is A Feng Shui House Period? How Do I Find Mine?
What is a feng shui house period and how does this info matter in a good feng shui house? Do you decorate your house according to its feng shui period? Find out!

What is an Annual Star in Feng Shui?
In feng shui, the term annual star is used for the annual movement of energies according to the classical feng shui school called flying stars. Basically, it is a way of keeping track of the good and the bad feng shui energies (called "stars") every new year.

What is BTB School of Feng Shui?
BTB School of Feng Shui - short for Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui - is a feng shui school, or tradition brought to USA by Professor Lin Yun in mid eighties.

The Feng Shui Compass
The feng shui compass, also called Lo-Pan, is used to define the Bagua of a home. The feng shui compass consists of bands of concentric rings arranged around the magnetic needle. A professional feng shui compass can have over forty rings of information.

Sheng Chi: Good Feng Shui Energy
Good feng shui energy - Sheng Chi - is the bright, refreshing, uplifting feng shui energy that is beneficial to your health and well-being. "Sheng" translated from Chinese means upward moving energy.

Yin-Yang Theory in Feng Shui
The Yin Yang Theory is one of the main theories of feng shui. According to the Yin-Yang theory, everything in the universe consists of two opposing, but deeply interconnected forces - Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine.) The interaction of these two feng shui forces creates the essence of life around us.

The Universal Energy: Chi
In feng shui, as in Chinese medicine, CHI is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us. This feng shui term applies to the energy inside your body, as well as to the energy inside and outside of buildings.

Bad Feng Shui Energy: Sha Chi and Si Chi
Both Sha Chi and Si Chi - low feng shui - are expressions of bad feng shui energy. Sha Chi is also known as "killing", or "attacking" energy. Si Chi is low, decaying energy.

About the Five Feng Shui Elements
One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These feng shui elements interact between themselves in certain ways, generally defined as the Productive and Destructive cycles.

What are the Feng Shui Fu Dogs?
Feng shui Fu Dogs, or Imperial Guardian Lions, are a strong feng shui protection symbol. Fu Dogs were traditionally placed in front of Imperial palaces, temples, and government offices. Fu Dogs were also a traditional feng shui symbol of family wealth and social status and were placed in front of wealthy homes.

What is a Chi Lin in Feng Shui?
Chi Lin is a mythical Chinese creature with the head of a Dragon, the body of a Horse, and the scales of a Carp fish. Also called the Dragon Horse, or the Chinese Unicorn, Chi Lin brings strong, protective feng shui energy with blessings of good health and prosperity.

What is the Meaning of Red Envelopes in Feng Shui?
The red envelopes are widely used in the Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhism School of Feng Shui (BTB) as a means of respecting and protecting the transmission of the ancient feng shui knowledge.

What is an Extension in Feng Shui?
Bagua (Ba-Gua) extensions are the areas of your house or apartment that are located on the outside of the shape of your home bagua. You might also say the extensions are the areas that are slightly protruding from your home bagua.

What is a Missing Area in Feng Shui?
Bagua (Ba-Gua) missing areas are the areas of your house or apartment that are mostly missing in the shape of your home bagua. You can also say that Bagua missing areas are the areas of your home bagua with incomplete, or weak energy.

What is Space Clearing?
Space clearing is used in feng shui very often. Even though not a traditional feng shui application, space clearing is sure becoming a part of contemporary feng shui work. Space clearing means clearing the space on an energy level.

Feng Shui Position - About Feng Shui Commanding Position
Feng Shui Position - About Feng Shui Commanding Position

What is Good Feng Shui Backing?
Good feng shui backing means having strong, supportive, good feng shui energy behind your back. This usually applies to your office (the area behind your back while you are working at your desk) and your bedroom (the wall behind your bed/behind your headboard). The term "good feng shui backing" can also be used when talking about the feng shui...

What is A Feng Shui House Sitting Direction?
I am confused with the feng shui house facing and feng shui house sitting directions. What is a feng shui house sitting direction and how do I define it for my house?

What is A Feng Shui House Facing Direction?
How can I know what is a feng shui facing direction of my house? Do I go by the direction my big windows face, or to I decide from the driveway? What is a feng shui house facing direction?

What is A Lo Shu Square?
What is the Lo Shu square and do you need to understand it in order to use feng shui in your home or office? Read all about the feng shui application and definition of the Lo Shu Square, its ancient history and modern feng shui use.

Feng Shui Ruler: Meaning of Dimensions
Here is all the dimensions info according to the feng shui ruler, or measuring tape. Use it wisely, use it with discretion. You can apply it in many ways - from the feng shui dimensions of your front door to your bed, from your desk to the feng shui of your business card.

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