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METAL FU DOGS: Feng Shui Tips for A Classical Feng Shui Protection Symbol

The Metal Element of this Fu Dogs Couple Brings Strength and Firmness Energy


Feng shui tips for the use of Metal Fu Dogs are below the Fu Dogs photo.
feng shui metal fu dogs tips

Feng Shui Metal Fu Dogs

Photo: (c) Feng Shui Best Buy
This powerful and strong feng shui Fu Dogs couple is best used outside your home (as the feng shui use of Fu Dogs was originally intended!)

However, if you can buy this couple in a smaller size, you can often use them in your office by placing them facing the door.

In this photo the Fu Dogs are actually misplaced. The female (with the cub) is to the right and the male (with the globe) is to the left. The correct feng shui placement is the opposite.

The male Fu Dog is always placed on the male, or Dragon side of the house (right of the main door), and the female Fu Dog is placed on the female, or Tiger side of the house (left of the main door.) You define the right and left side of the house by facing your main door from the outside of the house.

Good for a metal feng shui element direction door, such as Northwest or West, or for a North main door (water feng shui element benefits from metal energy.) Not advisable for a East facing main door.

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