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2014 Feng Shui Good Luck Tips for All Chinese Zodiac Signs

Do you need an extra good luck boost in 2014?


Good luck Chinese Zodiac signs 2014

Chinese zodiac signs are based on ancient archetypes. Chinese horoscopes are calculated every year by defining the potential energy combinations between the sign and the element of the year you were born with the sign and the element of the current year.

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While we usually think of feng shui as mostly being applied to homes or offices, it is good to know that it has many more uses. Not only can you apply feng shui in your garden, your car or your office desk, you can also use feng shui to strengthen your personal energy with various feng shui good luck charms.

Your date of birth is the starting point for all feng shui calculations, be it your personal birth element, your Kua number, your lucky directions and, of course, your Chinese zodiac sign.

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We will approach the Chinese zodiac sign predictions with the same healthy approach we have towards feng shui - we know that everything is energy as it continuously flows and gets expressed in various forms and in various cultures.

The story of how the Chinese zodiac signs came into being is sweet, but as with all stories, there are layers of deeper meaning behind it. Ultimately, the Chinese zodiac signs are specific archetypes as expressed in character and personality traits.

Let's look at easy feng shui cures for each Chinese zodiac sign in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse.

Is your Chinese zodiac sign compatible with the freedom loving Horse? And not just the Horse, but the Wood Horse? Will the energy flow easy for you in 2014 or do you need some help and protection along the way?

If you know your Chinese zodiac sign & birth element, let's proceed!

RAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: In the year of the Wood Horse, the Rat can still do well. You will need some feng shui cures to help calm some conflicting energy in 2014. => Read more

OX Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The Ox will experience better energy this year, with some challenges in love and health areas. Explore feng shui charms and cures to calm the energy and take good care of your health. => Read more

TIGER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Tiger people will enjoy a much, much better year with all sorts of blessings, and just a slight challenge ahead. => Read more

RABBIT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: An excellent year is in store for Rabbit people and a great combination of beneficial energies. => Read more

DRAGON Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The relationship between the Dragon and the Horse can be a slightly challenging one, so be sure to read our recommendations and implement the cures that feel right to you. => Read more

SNAKE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: A very good year is predicted for people born in the year of the Snake, much better than the previous year. Explore some feng shui good luck charms you might need in 2014. => Read more

HORSE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The Wood Horse year will not be a stellar year for Horse people, but with patience you can still make it a relatively good one . => Read more

GOAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: An excellent year is in store for Goat people - a well deserved change from last year. => Read more

MONKEY Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Monkey energy people should do very well 2014, with many good opportunities coming their way. => Read more

ROOSTER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Roosters are predicted to experience excellent energy in 2014. => Read more

DOG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: This will be a much better year for Dog energy people. Explore feng shui charms and cures to help you make the best of it. => Read more

PIG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: A good year is in store for Pig energy people. Staying calm and taking care of harmony in all relationships will make it even better. => Read more

To conclude, remember that the Horse has a freedom loving, kind and independent energy. By attuning yourself with the beneficial aspects of this energy, you can enjoy a good and productive 2014 - the Wood Horse year.

And always, always - no matter what is happening in your life - do your best to generate kindness.

Have a beautiful 2014!

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